Which Dog Am I?
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Which Dog Am I?

You will be given clues to a certain breed of dog, and you must guess which breed you feel is the correct answer.

Question 1:   An average sized male of my breed can weigh 85-130 lbs, and my AKC popularity ranking is 34. I can be any color, and one of my common colors is white and brindle. I originated in Japan and I am bold, independent, and stubborn, yet I am an excellent companion.
Giant Schnauzer
Welsh Terrier

Question 2:   I am a small dog that can weigh 13-17 pounds. I am active, alert, and I come in 3 different hair types. They are parson, broken, and smooth. I have button ears and my AKC ranking is 115. My color is predominantly white with black, tan, or brown markings.
Jack Russel Terrier
Chinese Crested Dog

Question 3:   I am a member of the Belgian Sheepdog family, and I come in tannish colors with black markings. I have long fur.
German Shepherd
Belgian Tervuren
Belgian Groenendael
Belgian Malinois

Question 4:   I have smooth fur with black and white markings. I can also come in brindle. I have a smushed face and I am popular and friendly.
Kerry Blue Terrier
Boston Terrier
Bichon Frise
American Eskimo Dog

Question 5:   I look similar to the Yorkshire Terrier, but I have shorter hair than the Yorkshire. My hair is long, but not excessively long. I can weigh from 8-11 pounds. I am not as popular as the Yorkshire Terrier.
Shih Tzu
Australian Silky Terrier

Question 6:   I am a long breed with long, silky hair that can be black, blue, gray, silver, fawn, or cream in color. I can weigh from 18-20 lbs. My popularity ranking is 130.
Skye Terrier
Sealyham Terrier
Scottish Terrier

Question 7:   I am a miniature of a breed. I originated in Germany, and I am very popular as a pet and showdog. My other name is "Zwergschnauzer".
Australian Terrier
Border Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Anatolian Shepherd

Question 8:   I am a breed of dog of which I have curly, poodle-like hair which can be black, white, brown, or black brown and white in color. An average male of my breed can weigh from 42-60 lbs.
Standard Poodle
Portugese Water Dog

Question 9:   I am a white dog who looks similar to the Golden Retriever. I originated in Hungary and an average male of my breed can weigh 100-115 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Great Dane

Question 10:   I am a dog who has "rustly", shaggy fur and I can come in any color. I originated in England and an average male of my breed can weigh around 115 lbs. I am a hound.
Black and Tan Coonhound
Norwegian Elkhound

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