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Guess that dog breed!

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Do you love dogs? Take this quiz to see how much of an "expert" are you truly are.

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    This dog breed comes from Japan and is considered a separate breed from its American counterpart. They are in the 75-110 pound range (34-50 kilo for metric users) and are known as very intelligent and loyal dogs. It's one of the most ancient dog breeds and sadly, their fur was used for warmth during WWII.
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    This breed is very similar in appearance to the Siberian Husky, and was used throughout history for pulling supplies to villages. This type of dog aided Rear Admiral Richard Byrd to the South Pole, and the miners that went North for the Gold Rush of 1896. It is a medium to large sized dog that is generally black, white and gray.
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    Also known as "The Persian Greyhound". This breed is a type of sight hound. Closely related to Greyhounds, they originate in Middle East and are fast hunters

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    A hunting dog from Africa, they are also referred to as the Congo Dog. These dogs are typically brown and tail is usually curled. They do resemble dingos.
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    This type of dog originated in Canada. Energetic, friendly and large-sized, these dogs are known as the most popular dog in the world.
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    This Russian-born dog is referred to in Europe as a Bjelkier. They have white fluffy, long double coat with a curled tail. Are part of the spitz family.

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    They are part of the hound family, specifically Sighthounds . These dogs have a silky coat that is often wavy/curly and generally do not bark often. These dogs are also have great speed and agility and come in most coat colors.
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    Quite remarkably popular worldwide, these dogs are generally small and highly sociable with other dogs. They are bred for hunting and don't usually bite. Known escape artists, they are one of the loudest dog breeds in terms of barking. Unfortunately, this breed is often used for animal testing.
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    Not common in US, these dogs originate from Hungary and has a long corded coat which is commonly white. They are large breeds and has the heaviest amount of fur in the canine world. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the desire to use them to protect sheep and goats from predators.
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    Nicknamed the "African Lion Hound", this large dog came from Southern Africa where they were used to hunt lions. These dogs have short red-wheaten fur with a distinctive marking in their fur.

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