How well do you know your dogs?
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How well do you know your dogs?

This test is to test your knowledge on dogs, and to see how much you know about them and how to take care of one.

Question 1:What do you call a male dog that is used for breeding?
father dog
big male

Question 2:Which is the best kind of chew toy to give a dog?
real bone
nylabone or a gumabone

Question 3:Is it a smart idea to put a muzzle on a dog if it is barking for no reason?
No, you should play with the dog or give it something fun to do, such as a game of fetch.
yes, nobody wants to listen to a dog barking.
I suppose, a dog should be trained not to bark.

Question 4:Should I put a muzzle on a dog if it bites people it does not know and other animals?
No, just keep the dog away from people and stay away from it
Take it to the pound
No, people should not even be coming near my house.
Yes, but it is better to just work with the dog to get it used to people. Or you can give to someone you lives by themselves.

Question 5:If you get a dog a microchip implanted in it's skin, should you still buy it a collar and tags?
No, it has a microchip. What more does it need?
Well, my dog won't run away from me.
Yes, because if the pound finds your dog, it might not check for a microchip.
Yeah right!! My dog loves me too much!!

Question 6:If you are hiking in the forest with your dog and it gets bitten by a non-venomous snake, should you take care of the wound?
Yes, you always need to have a first aid kit handy. Then you need to clean it and disinfect it, then bandage it.
No, if it is non-venomous, what will it do?
No, in the wild, wolves and dogs never had first aid kits.
Just carry your dog and do not make it walk.

Question 7:If your dog decides to sneak into the medicine cabinet, and eats some medicine, what should you do?
Feed your dog some ippecec syrup.
Leave it alone and give it some water, the medicine will pass.
Lay your dog down in a quiet room and keep it very still.
Take your dog to the nearest vet office immediately, and keep your dog still on the way.

Question 8:How many average sized dog biscuits should you give your dog a day?
One every three hours.
None at all.
As many as it wants to eat.
Two. One in the morning and one at night.

Question 9:What kind of diet is it best to feed a dog?
An automatic feeder. Then I don't have to feed it every day.
Leave the food out so that it can eat as much as it wants.
Feed it one big meal every day.
A schedule diet. For instance, a Labrador. 1 1/2 cups of food in the morning, and at night.

Question 10:Should I feed my dog a little bit of milk every day?
Of course!! They love it!!
No Way!! They are old enough without it!!
Mix a little bit of milk in with its food every day.
No, but you can give it a small amount of milk once or twice a week.

Question 11:How often should I clip my dogs toenails?
Every day
About once a week
Once every two months
Once a month

Question 12:How often should I clean my dogs ears?
Once a year
About twice a month, but you should take them to a trained professional.
Twice every five months
Every day

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