How Much Do You Know About Hamsters?

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  • 1
    What Is The Smallest Type Of Hamster?
  • 2
    Should You Give A Hamster A Bath?
  • 3
    Where Did Hamsters Come From?

  • 4
    What Is The Best Hamster For A Beginner?
  • 5
    Should You Get A Hamster From Petco Or Petsmart?
  • 6
    Which Of The Following Are Bad Types Of Bedding?

  • 7
    When Should You Wake Up Your Hamster?
  • 8
    Hamsters Are...
  • 9
    Should You Play With Your Hamster Right When You Get It?
  • 10
    Should You Let Them Run Around Freely?

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116 days ago
Some hamsters actually do come from Asia by the way. Also, chinchilla dust is very bad for hamsters! It can give them respiratory issues. Only sanitized play sand and reptile sand with no calcium or dyes should be used. Hamster balls are also extremely stressful and harmful for hamsters because they can't use their senses like hearing or smelling very well, and they can't really see much anyway. They also can't control the ball and knock into stuff often. Also, the tiny ventilation slits can catch toenails and feet, and the ventilation is just not good. A playpen is recommended. Please research more before giving false information...
583 days ago
Chinchilla dust can give your hamster a respiratory infection and hamster balls are unsafe. Research before doing this kind of stuff
685 days ago
Its advisable to not keep any type of hamsters together as hamsters aren't social animals, except dwarf hamsters(but you don't want to take any chances). Hamster balls aren't safe as they have very tiny slits for ventilation which is not enough for a hamster to take in air, normally hamsters don't have the best vision, so putting them in a hamster ball makes it harder or actually nearly impossible to see, their tiny little paws can also get stuck in the tiny slits and it is very stressful for a hamster to be put in this ball. Hamsters should not be woken up, instead let them wake up whenever they want to, please don't force your hamster to wake up as it will be scared and stressed and it will ruin their sleep schedule. And higher the stress, the lower its immunity gets. So please be careful and protect your cute little critter!
685 days ago
Excuse me, but hamster balls are not safe for hamsters, and you should NEVER wake up a hamster they should wake up whenever they like to. I'm sorry but I have done more research to know this.
760 days ago
Hamsters should NOT be in hamster balls and plz don't wake ur hamsters up they will wake up if they want. Also, don't support pet stores like PetSmart and Petco because pet stores get their animals from something called a pet-mill. Now pets from pet-mills go through a lot of different things, the first thing that happens is they breed and breed a mother animal until they can't breed more and they don't care about the animal's health or anything like that, for example, if the animal has the flu the pet-mill does not care and when they breed the animal it passes on to their babies. I don't want to talk about pet-mills for decades so I will leave a link talking about pet mills. NwVQBvz_s

Drag ur mouse across that link and right click then press go to z_s
797 days ago
ummmm i am not going to wake my hamster up at 4 -5. your not even supposed to wake up a hamster
1095 days ago
Hamster ball? The worst thing ever, please... Don't use it.
1115 days ago
No, you don't bath hamsters unless you really need to.
Balls can be bad for their eyesight.
Hamsters are crepsucular (look it up)
But yes, you should get a hamster from an actual breeder, they are more friendly in general and not mass produced and unhealthy. I'm a kid so I have to wake mine up but ideally you shouldn't.
Have a nice day!
1248 days ago
You shouldn’t even wake a hamster up how stupid can someone be.
1282 days ago
I tried! I don’t need to study! I’ve been studying a lot! I’ve taken about 10 quizzes, 5 tests, made a test, read half a book about 2 years ago, and watched them run around at Petsmart.The One with should I buy my hamster at Petco or Petsmart makes no sense
1287 days ago
1371 days ago
I think hamsters are very cute especially for me because I LOVE hamsters like I choose them over food I think hamsters are very cute, fluffy, adorable, adventurous just like my hamster Chai and Hazelnut or Hazel I love hamsters so much 💜💜💜
1716 days ago
Good test!!! I enjoy it a lot so thank you very much whoever make this wonderful test .