Equine Color Genetics Quiz

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This quiz will hopefully test your knowledge of horse colors and the basis of those dilutions, masking genes, patterns, or non-modified colors. I hope to see everyone attempt; it takes a long while to achieve good understanding of any subject.
Good luck!

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    The Agouti allele does what?

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474 days ago
Also, there is only Aa, aa and AA. It has been proven that A"t"is not a thing. And there is no gene for pangare or sooty ( that we know of yet ).
474 days ago
True black inst a thing, it is ether black or it isn't :)
2659 days ago
The answer you have for the Tabiano and Overo is wrong the Tabiano white crosses the top line (back) whereas Over white does not cross the top line (back)...questions 10 & 11 are wrong sorry!!