Horse Care and Knowledge
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Horse Care and Knowledge

This test beats all the rest so be sure to know your stuff!

Question 1:   What does it mean if a horse has sickle hocks?
It has swollen hocks
It has a conformation default
It is showing true hock action

Question 2:   How many front teeth does a mature horse have and what are they called?
14. Wolf teeth
8. Galvaynes groove
18. Canine teeth
12. Incisors

Question 3:   How many molars does a mature horse have?

Question 4:   A horse having a colic attack may show what sign?
All of the above
Laying down and or rolling
Pawing the ground
Loss of appetite

Question 5:   What is stringhalt?
An advanced dressage movement
An illness caused by starvation
When a horse is being trained to halt.
An illness caused by poisonous weeds

Question 6:   What is the earliest you can wean a foal?
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
5 months

Question 7:   What should you do if your horse has a small cut?
Let nature take its course
Hose the cut clean and apply antiseptic
Lock the horse in a stall until the cut heals
Rub salt into the wound twice a day

Question 8:   Name 3 types of warmbloods
Holstein, Arab, Shire
Hanoverian, Holstein, Trakener
Welsh B pony, Thoroughbred, Trakener

Question 9:   What should you do if a horse rears?
Pull back and walk your mount for a moment to settle it down
Lean back so the horse will also come down
Lean forward and give with the reins

Question 10:   How many ribs does a horse have?

Question 11:   Where is the Gaskin located on the horse?
The face
Just above the tail
Near the sheath
The back leg
On the hoof

Question 12:   What may cause Azoturia? AKA tying up, Monday morning sickness.
A lame horse which is being worked
Worm infestation
Excessive lunging
Feeding too much grain with inconsistent work

Question 13:   What is weaving?
A type of roughage
A martingale
A girth made from all natural materials
A special bedding for the stabled horse
A stable vice

Question 14:   What is a hackamore?
A bitless bridle
A type of bit
A breed of horse
Another name for a general purpose saddle

Question 15:   If a horse 'scrambles' what does this mean?
The horse is very playful with the other horses
The horse doesn't float well and loses balance
The horse has vices such as biting and kicking
The horse trips alot when being ridden

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