Do You Know the Basics on Horses?
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Do You Know the Basics on Horses?

This quiz covers basics only, so if you are one of those people who knows alot, don't take it because I will feel stupid.

Question 1:What colors distinguish a bay horse?
Brown body and black mane and tail
Four white legs
Black mane and tail and white body
Tan mane and tail and black body

Question 2:What is a Quarter Horse named for?
Fastest breed for the quarter mile run
They only have a quarter brain size of a normal horse
Biggest quarters bred on a horse ever
Muscular quarters and fastest breed for the quarter mile run

Question 3:If your horse got stuck in a barb wire fence, you would:
Shoot it
Rip it out and clean the wounds
Sooth it quietly and wait for a vet
See how bad the injury is and if not too bad treat it and if really bad, immediately call the vet

Question 4:In English riding, does one use a big saddle or a small saddle?
Big saddle
No saddle, English is bareback
Small saddle
English isn't even a type of riding!

Question 5:What do Arabians look like?
Big head and a small body
Giant feet and body with a crusty crest and slow movement
Arabians ride camels
Small head with a dished nose and a refined body

Question 6:What is the ideal lesson horse?
You don't want to get spoiled! A few vices are good.
Perfect manners
So gentle that they will hardly move
An untrained horse, you want to learn together

Question 7:What the most basic English bit?

Question 8:What are relationships with horses like?
Horses are your slaves!
They don't care, why should I?
They are brainless and I can do what I want!

Question 9:What is a sign of anger on a horse?
Eyes wide, panting, tail swishing
Horses don't get angry! They are perfect ponies!
Movement away from handler
Ears pinned, teeth bared, nostrils wide, aggressive movement

Question 10:Are stallions mean?
Stallions are really mean whenever they are around humans.
Whenever a mare is around, it is hopeless to go near the horse!
Whatever happens, just beat them!
Stallions can be aggressive, but with efficient attention they will be obedient.

This Quiz has been designed by Sharon Cox.