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Test your knowledge about horses and the English style of riding!

Question 1:What is the famous three-day event held in Lexington, Kentucky called?
Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event
Grand Prix

Question 2:What horse did David O' Conner ride in the 2001 Rolex Kentucky three day event?
Winsome Andante

Question 3:What is a jump with two poles crossing called?

Question 4:What is a flying change?
Where a horse cantering drops back to trot and then does canter the other way.
There is no such thing.
Where a horse switches from one lead in canter to another without dropping back to trot.
I've never heard of it.

Question 5:What are the five types of arabians?
Egyptian, Anglo, Russian, Polish
Irish, Crabbet, Russian, Polish, Anglo
Etienne, Egyptian, Anglo, Russian, Polish
Egyptian. Crabbet, Anglo, Russian, Polish

Question 6:Thoroughbreds are known to be amazing what?
racehorses and jumpers
dressage and western
cross country and barrel racing

Question 7:Who was Charizma's rider, and what year did Charizma die?
Mark Todd, 2003
Kimberly Vinoski, 2000
Mark Todd, 2002
Anne Kursinski, and he isn't dead yet you dolt.

Question 8:At horse shows in America, what is the color of the 6th place ribbon?

Question 9:What is the tallest a pony can be to still be classified as a pony?
14.2 hh
12 hh
16 hh
19 hh

Question 10:What is a bay?
it's those cool little beachy places
it's when a horse wants to talk...
it's part of the horse
it's a color of a horse

Question 11:What is bute?
medicine for dogs
Medicine for horses
medicine for cats
medicine for birds

Question 12:What is the frog?
an animal that goes 'ribbet!'
it's a type of jump
It is the V-shaped part of the hoof
it's a riding style.

Question 13:What is a crop?
type of riding clothes
a hat
a company name
riding whip

Question 14:Who is Monty Roberts?
he is a rock climber
he's an endurance rider
he's the 'guy that listens to horses' the horse whisperer
he is the one who won the Barcelona Olympics way back when.

Question 15:Who is John Lyons?
A famous racehorse.
John Lyons is a well known horse trainer.
type of medicine
a company

Question 16:What is a hoof pick?
something you wear on your head
it's for horses to wear on the hooves
a cool little ornament
It's a pick designed specially to pick out hooves.

Question 17:What does it mean to be on the bit?
he's leaning on the bit
the horse is standing on the bit
Most people say it is when a horse carries it's head in a 'dressage-ish' frame.
it's a phrase used when you want your horse to go.

Question 18:What is a jump-off?
A jump off is a second, shortened round to determine who gets the first place ribbon.
It's a type of jump where you jump up, canter about a bit, then jump off.
there is no such thing
it's a riding suit

Question 19:Kimberwicks, pelhams, and slow twists, are all types of what?

Question 20:The coolest animals on earth are...

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