Horses-Catching and Leading
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Horses-Catching and Leading

Here is a quiz about catching and leading horses. See if you know all the correct answers!

Question 1:   Which of the following is the correct way to lead a horse or pony?
Pulling the horse behind you
Running with the horse trotting along behind you
Holding the lead rope under the chin with one hand, the rope slack in another and the leader walking at the horse's shoulder
Pulling the horse along by the headcollar

Question 2:   How should you tie up a horse?
Making sure the lead rope is tied in as tight a knot as possible, so the horse can't pull back
By tying the lead rope up in a quick-release knot
Tying him up, leaving the lead rope extremely slack so the horse can graze

Question 3:   Which of the following should you NOT do when catching a loose horse?
Bend down in front of the horse's head to put the headcollar on
Walk down to the field gate with the horse
Clip the lead rope to the ring embedded in the headcollar
Feed him mints to help catch him

Question 4:   Which of the following could you do to help catch a hard-to-catch pony or horse?
Turn him out wearing a headcollar
Run up to him, flapping the headcollar
Stand in the middle of the field shouting to him
Throw the headcollar down in frustration and go back to the stable yard

Question 5:   If you are leading a horse and walking on the left-hand side of a road, which side of the horse should you lead from?
Nearside (left-hand side)
In front of him
Whichever side you can be bothered to lead from
Off side (right-hand side)

Question 6:   When about to catch a horse, how should you approach him?
Sneak up behind him and grab his mane
Run up to him and jump on his back
Walk slowly up behind him, and grab hold of his tail
From the front or slightly to one side, where he can see you.

Question 7:   Which of the following should you also use to tie up your horse or pony?
A piece of string, tied to the ring which you are going to tie your pony up to
A heavy chain to make sure he can't escape
His reins; it would then be easier to tack him up
Nothing, you should just tie the lead rope to the metal ring.

Question 8:   Which are the three sizes of headcollar?
Pony, cob, full-size
Small, medium, large
Shetland, small horse, Shire
Pony, small horse, big horse

Question 9:   What will you usually have to do after catching your horse, and before riding him?
Give him a generous helping of food
Give him loads of water
Groom him
Muck his stable out

Question 10:   What shouldn't you do when turning a horse out to grass?
Give him a treat
Let him gallop off straight away
Take off his headcollar
Leave his rug on

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