Horse, Horses, Horses!

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Are you a completely mad horse lover? Take my quiz to see how much you know about our four-legged equine friends! Some questions may be harder than others and some may be too easy to be taken seriously! Off you go!

  • 1
    First of all, what are male un-castrated horses called?
  • 2
    What is a male castrated horse called?
  • 3
    What colour is a skewbald horse?

  • 4
    What is the most common form of bit used?
  • 5
    What would you call a bitless bridle?
  • 6
    What do you call the saddle shaped pad that you put on underneath the saddle?

  • 7
    How many gaits does a horse have?
  • 8
    What is the fastest pace?
  • 9
    Is there a dressage move called shoulder in?
  • 10
    How many nails are there in a horseshoe?

  • 11
    What is it called when a stallion mates with a mare?
  • 12
    How old does a foal have to be to not be referred to as a foal?
  • 13
    When are foals usually separated from their mothers?
  • 14
    How many legs does a horse land on when it jumps a fence?
  • 15
    Imagine this is the order of a horse's feet
    1 2
    Left Side Right Side
    3 4

    What order will the feet fall at in a walk?
  • 16
    How about at trot?

  • 17
    How about when the horse canters with its right leg leading?
  • 18
    What is a turn on the fore-hand?
  • 19
    If a horse lays his ears flat against his head what feeling is he expressing?
  • 20
    What does it mean when a horse flicks one or both ears in your direction whilst riding?

  • 21
    This questions will seem very random but it just popped into my head! Which of these is NOT one of the founding stallions of the Thoroughbred?
  • 22
    Which of these is not a Native pony breed of Britain?
  • 23
    Which of these is not a hot-blood?
  • 24
    How tall can a pony be?
  • 25
    Why do we jump cross-poles when e first learn to jump?
  • 26
    In show jumping, what is a puissance?

  • 27
    What is it called when a horse kicks its heels up?
  • 28
    How about when a horse runs off with you?
  • 29
    How about when a horse rises up on its hind legs?
  • 30
    What about when you're riding and the horse acts up, trying to stay with the other horses or running to the gate?

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