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How well do you know horses?

  • 1
    A group of horses is called a-
    A group of horses is called a-
  • 2
    An adult male horse is called a-
  • 3
    An adult female horse is called a-

  • 4
    A horses height is measured in-
  • 5
    What is another word for 'horse'-
  • 6
    Which of the following is not a horse breed?

  • 7
    What is a baby horse called?
  • 8
    When saddling a horse, what do you do first?
  • 9
    When taking off a saddle, what do you do last?
  • 10
    How well do you think you know horses?

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1978 days ago
Its a really good quiz besides that though! Keep up the good work, but try to make sure the facts are correct before you post ;) Love this quiz :)
1978 days ago
First off, a "welsch" is not a breed of horse. A welsh is, not a welsch. I clicked welsch, and I was wrong... :l. A mustang IS A BREED OF HORSE. It is a car, and a horse. Second off, the girth does not come first. You put the saddle pad on, then the saddle, then the girth, then the bridle. And third, no one is a complete expert on horses, that would mean you are a complete expert in EVERYTHING, you know everything from how genes come in to make a horse who it is, you know what organism horses evolved from, etc. You would even have to know the stuff no one knows to be a complete expert on horses. You can be an expert on being a farrier, training, breeding, etc. but not all of them. Just saying XD