The ultimate horse quiz! Test your knowledge on horses.

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I promise all correct answers in this quiz are actually correct! I've had horses for all of my life and i'm a total horse maniac

  • 1
    Average life span of a horse?
  • 2
    Is paint a horse breed, or a horse color?
  • 3
    Can horses run within a few hours after birth?

  • 4
    What was the name of the oldest horse to ever live?
  • 5
    Do horses have the largest eyes of any land animal?
  • 6
    Are horses color blind?

  • 7
    Do horses always need shoes?
  • 8
    Can horses stand sleeping up and laying down?
  • 9
    Is the Preswalski horse truly the only wild horse breed left?
  • 10
    Horses use their ears to express their mood?

  • 11
    The first ever cloned horse was a.....?
  • 12
    These next questions will be about horse books! What was the name of the horse people call "eighty dollar champion"?
  • 13
    In Misty of Chincoteague is Sea star Misty's real son?
  • 14
    Can horses with pink skin get sunburned?
  • 15
    Horse ribbons! What does a red ribbon in a horses tail mean?

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