Random Animal Facts Quiz

I love animals and crave detailed knowledge about every different kind of animal on the planet. I've created a very, VERY random animal facts quiz to test and entertain my fellow animal lovers. Can you pass it, or maybe even ace it? Try it now!

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    OK, let's start with an easy one: A group of lions and lionesses is called a _____,

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319 days ago
8/10 for me. Im impressed and proud ^ _ ^
1302 days ago
I took this quiz to see if I'm the animal geek I know I am. As it turns out, I am!
1383 days ago
I expected something like "what is the ugliest fish (blob fish)"
1675 days ago
If you want to make a professional quiz, don't make a joke the right answer "Question 8".
1714 days ago
Awesomly cool keep it up!
1729 days ago
maybe show more pictures and information
1870 days ago
got all of them rightgot all of them right
1914 days ago
It is not lame, it is so fun and enlightening in certain areas. Love it!
1932 days ago
LLlllllllllame mos aghhh so silly little questions Don't take this flippin quiz
1932 days ago
Very fun to take this quiz