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Plant Batching Info - Aseptic Quiz

  • 1
    How many gallons can the Almix hold?
  • 2
    What tanks can recirculate with the Almix?
  • 3
    What type of mixer is the Almix? (in terms of shear)

  • 4
    Can the agitator speed by adjusted?
  • 5
    What kind of water can be used in the Almix?
  • 6
    What helps eliminate foam during the mixing process?

  • 7
    How many gallons can the microquantity tank hold? How is this different from the Almix?
  • 8
    How many pounds of water is needed to reach the agitator?
  • 9
    Can the agitator speed on the Microquantity tank be adjusted? What is it usually ran at?
  • 10
    What is the max speed the agitator can be ran at for the microquantity tank?

  • 11
    What is the level of shear for the microquantity tank?
  • 12
    Does the microquantity tank heat or cool or both?
  • 13
    What is the max amount of sugar that can be added to the tank at a time?
  • 14
    How much water is typically used to push product from the microquantity tank to the main batch tank?
  • 15
    How many gallons can the liquifier hold? How does this compare to the other tanks?
  • 16
    Where are the blades located on the Liquifier?

  • 17
    Is the liquifier capable of recirculating product?
  • 18
    Does the liquifier heat or cool product?
  • 19
    What kind of ingredients can you add to the main batch tanks?
  • 20
    Can the agitator be adjusted on the main batch tank? What speed is it typically ran at?

  • 21
    Is the tank insulated and how?
  • 22
    Does the main batch tank have an agitator?
  • 23
    Does the sterile tank hold liquid and powder ingredients?
  • 24
    Can the agitator on the sterile tank be adjusted? What speed is it typically ran at?
  • 25
    Which sterile tanks are able to insulate?
  • 26
    Which sterile tank has a cooling jacket and which tank is insulated only?

  • 27
    Which sterile tank has propellers on its agitator?
  • 28
    Which of the sterile tanks have a magnetic agitator that creates a vortex from the bottom?
  • 29
    How many gallons can the silos hold? How does this compare to the Almix?
  • 30
    Can the silo do agitation?

  • 31
    Can the silo do cooling?
  • 32
    How many drums can the Chipper hold?
  • 33
    How many drums can Chipper 2 hold?
  • 34
    What allows ice to come out fully from the drums?
  • 35
    What defrosts the solids once in the chipper?
  • 36
    What is the role of the finisher?
  • 37
    To what tank is the finisher connected to and how?
  • 38
    What is the route a frozen product would go through to get to the batch tank, starting at the chipper?
  • 39
    Which tanks can liquid be added to?
  • 40
    Which tanks cannot take powder ingredients? Which tanks can?
  • 41
    How many pounds of water are held back for the very end of the batch card?

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