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First of all, this quiz is not boring like other true or false tests.:)

  • 1
    Some rabbits have long fur.
  • 2
    Rabbits need hay to wear down their teeth.
  • 3
    A short haired rabbit needs to be brushed with only a flea comb.

  • 4
    You can feed a rabbit either hay or grass.
  • 5
    Timothy hay is poisonous to adult rabbits.
  • 6
    Three (very) rare rabbit breeds are: Argentinean Lop, Giant Burmese, and Giant Mecindin.

  • 7
    Holland lops only get to be around two or three pounds when fully grown.
  • 8
    Rabbits need unlimited access to hay, pellets, and water.
  • 9
    You give a rabbit 1/2 a cup of pellets for every 5 pounds of rabbit.
  • 10
    Rabbits are easy to take care of.

  • 11
    It is safe for rabbits to eat rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Lavender is fine too.
  • 12
    Rabbits groom like cats.
  • 13
    Rabbits cough up smaller hairballs than cats.
  • 14
    It is pretty obvious when a rabbit gets sick.
  • 15
    Rabbits prefer to live outside rather than inside.
  • 16
    Rabbits need exercise.

  • 17
    Rabbits need toys.
  • 18
    Rabbits can die of fear.
  • 19
    Rabbits can have heart attacks.
  • 20
    Rabbits stand on their hind legs to find out is a place is safe.

  • 21
    Rabbits love being held.
  • 22
    A rabbit's favorite place to be pet is the head.
  • 23
    Teeth grinding means that whatever you are doing is annoying the rabbit.
  • 24
    If a rabbit has both ears up he is happy.
  • 25
    One ear up and one down means a rabbit is tired.
  • 26
    If a rabbit's ears are flat against their head the rabbit is sad.

  • 27
    The Angora is a rabbit breed with long fur.
  • 28
    If a rabbit is wronged, the rabbit may hold a grudge for life.
  • 29
    Rabbits are fragile.
  • 30
    Rabbits do binkies when they are nervous.

  • 31
    Rabbits think it is rude to ask them to groom you.

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