How Much Do You Know About Wolves?

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Test your knowledge on Wolves, who knows, you might even become a winner, and answer all the answers correctly!

  • 1
    What is a wolves favorite food?
  • 2
    How long can a wolf survive without food and water?
  • 3
    Can a wolf mate?

  • 4
    Is there such thing as a Snow or Ice wolf?
  • 5
    What does a wolf howl on?
  • 6
    Wolves are in the family?

  • 7
    Wolves like to race each other
  • 8
    Do you like to eat Wolves, if you were an Australian?
  • 9
    Do wolves eat 7 times a day or more?
  • 10
    Does a wolf hunt in a pack, or by itself?

Comments (17)


390 days ago
um what
Wolves dont eat people. And they also eat plants sometimes, no animal only eats meat.
Wolves can survive over a week without food.
Wolves don't "love" mating, they get pups once a year with the same mate every year (unless it dies).
Wolves dont howl at the moon, they howl to communicate.
Wolves are in the canid family, but also their "packs" are actually families, as one of the possible answers mentions.
Wolves indeed like to race eachother, even adult wolves play a lot around and have fun, even without the pups.

who brought the idea of australians eating wolves in your head...??
Wolves dont eat 7 times a day, they eat after hunting and then they sleep, but they dont even manage to hunt successfully every day.
And, as mentioned before, wolf packs are more like families, usually a wolf hunts either alone or with his mate, if its a bigger pack, sometimes also with the grown up pups from last year or the year before that.

well, dont take this rude please, i mean it as constructive criticism and am not trying to make you feel bad!
496 days ago
same here like what the heck and its so racist australians dont eat wolves what the hell
1337 days ago
this sucked because it said that I got a problem wrong and the quiz completely changed my answer so I would get it wrong
1370 days ago
WoLvEs DoN,T hOwL aT mOoN
1418 days ago
This test is fake. Wolves do not eat humans. They don't howl AT anything, they howl to communicate. They don't LOVE to race or LOVE to mate. They can survive without eating for a whole week to.

1435 days ago
this test is fake i can tell you that for sure
1490 days ago
Man, you need to brush up on your knowledge. 5\10?? Wolves don't howl at the moon. They couldn't careless if they raced each other. They don't 'love' mating. And you got many more wrong but I can't be bothered to list them all. I have books on wolves, I have looked up about wolves. Dude, I suggest you buy some books. And read them.
1522 days ago
I agree with Aroooo . I love to study wolves and I am surprised about some of the answers on here. but it was a fun quiz
1644 days ago
I dont mean to be man or anything but I've done so much research about wolves and I got 6 out of 10 WHAT wolves don't eat people they don't howl to the moon they howl to communicate and wolves never eat 7 times a day sometimes they don't eat for a couple WEEKS if food is scarce and wolves never race each other that waste to much energy also its called an artic wolf not a snow wolf why did you do this quiz if you don't know that much about wolves!??!!
1740 days ago
dude you need to get your wolf facts right! i know almost every thing about wolves and missed 7 quetions. for one, WOLVES DOT EAT PEOPLE! for a fact they are afraid of us more than we are of them. second, unless you were talking about a pup, adult wolves can acualy suvive without food for weeks if they have to. third, WOLVES DONT HOWL AT THE MOON! thats just a myth. they howl to comuicat, or warn other wolves of danger. forth, wolves dont race eachother. one because they need to save energy for other things. the closest thing to that would be pups chasing eachother. fifth, wolves eat less than seve time a day. one because thats a lot of hunting. second they need 7 POUNDS of food, not seven meels. sixth, they always hunt in a pack. especialy when huntning big animals. seventh, its called an ARTIC WOLF! not snow wolves. eighth, you have many gramer and some spelling mistakes. IF YOU MAKE A QUIZ ABOUT WOLVES... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIT!!!! if you know nothing about wolves why the hell would you make a quiz about it... and say that aperently "on average 1351 of users who took this quiz gave 50.1 right answers". thats just strait up lying. dont lie, and GET YOUR FACTS STRAIT! is it that hard to do a little reasearch?! gosh.
1758 days ago
also, my friend wolf lover kinda went crazy. sorry! She can't stand people who gets wolf facts wrong, even though we are both know it alls on animals.
1758 days ago
Um.. hi? I don't want to offend you, but this quiz has lots of mistakes in it, including the grammar.
1758 days ago
No hurting you or anything, but wolves DO NOT eat people. they are more scared of us than we are scared of them. they can survive 5-8 days without food or water. Y DO YOUR RESEACH, DUDE!!!! they don't like to race because they need to save energy. they always and forever will work in a pack. they DON'T howl ''to the moon.'' they howl to communicate, or to let others hear them from far away. Once my dog howled in my backyard because he is lonely, howls came from the distance! there ARE NO '' SNOW WOLVES,'' ! they are called ARTIC WOLEVS! REMEMBER THAT!!! in this quiz, you are describing wolves as bad. why the hell will you make a quiz about them, then? also, there's only been 20-32 wolf attacks in the ENTIRE 20TH CENTURY. THINK ABOUT THAT, YOU!!!!
1836 days ago
Look, most of your questions are incorrect. For one, wolves howl to communicate. The moon has nothing to do with it. Wolves also do NOT eat people. Wolves are instinctive creatures and see humans as dangerous. They will most likely hide, unless they feel threatened, but even then it would NOT eat a human. Also wolves don't exactly race each other. They do however do some sort of race like play that consists of chasing and tackling. But it's more of an aggressive tag really. Also there isn't such thing as a 'Snow Wolf'. It's called an Artic Wolf. You should really research before you decide to make a quiz.
2222 days ago
Uh....Hello wolves hunt in packs
2358 days ago
dude you need to learn more about wolves. They howl to comunicate !!!!!
2369 days ago
Your test is incorrect, wolves are instinctive animals, they don't like eating people, they just think we are dangerous