The Ultimate Paintball Product/Knowledge Quiz

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  • 1
    Who is the manufacturers of the Impulse Paintball Marker?
  • 2
    What speed does an average tournament marker fire at(fps)?
  • 3
    What is the most important piece of equipment in Paintball?

  • 4
    Who is the president of National Paintball Supply?
  • 5
    Where is the Headquarters for National Paintball Supply?
  • 6
    Where is the World Cup held every year?

  • 7
    Where is the Commander's Cup held?
  • 8
    How many man format does the NPPL currently play?
  • 9
    Which pro circuit has Xball?
  • 10
    What field is famous for holding the paintball world record for most players in a single game and for their scenario games?

  • 11
    What is the most popular field rental gun used by the average field?
  • 12
    Who makes the Intimidator?
  • 13
    Which of the following paintball companies is based in San Diego California?
  • 14
    Who is the Largest manufacturer of the autococker?
  • 15
    What is a Profiler?
  • 16
    In the marker name 'Shocker SFT' - what does SFT stand for?

  • 17
    During the years of 2003/2004/Present, which famous paintball company has been claiming patent infringement against other companies such as ICD?
  • 18
    Who is the manufacturer of Inferno Paintballs?
  • 19
    Who is the new energy drink sponsor for the NPPL?
  • 20
    Who is currently the largest field in the United states with 47 fields and 1200+ acres of playing grounds?

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