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Question from a real life cosmologist

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    Is Stephen Hawking an astrophysicist?
  • 2
    1 AU = 100,000,000 km
  • 3
    Earth takes 365 days to goes around the sun.

  • 4
    The Big Bang is caused by the inflation of the universe
  • 5
    Third dimension is time.
  • 6
    There are 12 dimensions in string theory.

  • 7
    The universe began 13.2 B yesrs ago.
  • 8
    Venus is the nearest planet to the sun.
  • 9
    Pluto is a planet
  • 10
    The Voyagers are launched at Cape Caneveral.

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1331 days ago

You did bad.

You have correctly answered 4 of 10 questions.

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Huh... Oh well. I do know that Time is the 4th dimension... I think?

Now, what was there before existence? Nothing, right? But nothing can't exist because nothing existed before... Unless it's all eternal...? Idk...

*Sigh* Universe, why make us suffer... But, thank you for gifting us life. I'm very grateful for this gift, but at the same time, it really hurts to know that it will one day come to an end for all of us and other life... Ohhhh... Just, hopefully... 😰