Boating license quiz
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Boating license quiz

Question 1:What do you do at a RED light?
Honk your horn
Put on your make-up

Question 2:What do you do at a GREEN light?
Honk your horn
Put on your make-up

Question 3:What do you do at a YELLOW light?
Honk your horn
Be ready to stop
Put on your make-up
Turn on the radio

Question 4:What happens when you turn the wheel to the RIGHT?
The car goes to the left
The car goes straight
The car stops
The car goes to the right

Question 5:What do you do if your gas tank says, "Empty"?
Go to the shopping mall
Go to a gas station and get gas
Go to the park
Go to the beach

Question 6:If there is a person in the crosswalk, you:
Stop and wait for them to cross
Hit the gas
Run them over
Back up

Question 7:What is the most slippery situation?

Question 8:What happens when you press on the brake pedal?
You go
Nothing happens
You stop
You go in reverse

Question 9:What should you do if you are on a windy road?
Speed up
Slow down
Go backwards

Question 10:What do you do before you turn LEFT?
Put on the left turn signal
Put on the right turn signal
Put on the emergency flashers
Honk the horn

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