THE Hardest Car Quiz Ever!

So, you think you know a lot about cars? I do, and I know a lot of people pride themselves on knowing cars - so I made this car test really challenging! Take it now and see if you know as much as you think you do...and please share it with your car-loving friends!

  • 1
    Easy: What make of cars has the nickname, "Silver Star"?
  • 2
    Easy: What color are most Ferraris?
    Easy: What color are most Ferraris?
  • 3
    Easy: When was the most recent generation change for the Honda Civic?

  • 4
    Easy: What material is a Chevrolet Corvette body made of?
  • 5
    Easy: What does "GT" stand for?
  • 6
    Medium: What was the first vehicle to have AWD?

  • 7
    Medium: How many Corvette generations are there?
  • 8
    Medium: What year was the Honda Civic Hatchback re-introduced?
  • 9
    Medium: When did the Chevrolet Corvette lose its convertible headlights?
  • 10
    Medium: The term "GTO" was originated by Ferrari. What does the "O" stand for?

  • 11
    Hard: What is the size of a STOCK Honda Accord steering wheel? (in inches)
  • 12
    Hard: What is the native country of the creator of Porsche?
  • 13
    Hard: What is the Japanese name of the Toyota Echo hatchback?
  • 14
    Hard: What is the performance brand "HOLLEY" BEST known for?
  • 15
    Hard: What is the performance brand "Garrett" BEST known for?
  • 16
    Very Hard: At what angle do the rear wheels turn on a 1992-93 Honda Prelude?

  • 17
    Very hard: When did Mercedes-Benz first introduce a diesel-powered vehicle?
  • 18
    Very hard: What was the first car to test carbon fiber brake discs and then decide against them?
  • 19
    Very hard: What is the most expensive vehicle on the market?
  • 20
    Very hard: Where did the name for the McLaren "F1" come from?

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303 days ago the Luxurious Department of cars, GT does mean Grand Touring.
1448 days ago
i got all answers correct hooooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1790 days ago
Someone already pointed it out, but in what situation would we need to know a car's steering wheel's size, unless someone asked us without context? Also, I see something that I absolutely despise about car questions. During the most expensive cars question, there were only manufacturer names. Those aren't cars, those are the companies that produce them. Also, yes, RR's are expensive, but Ferrari has many models that sell for millions. Even at the time of making this quiz, Ferrari's from the 50, 60 and 70s were already selling for at least 2 million. Unless someone tells me that a Royce was sold for more than that (excluding the Sweptail, which didn't exist when this quiz was made), I won't stand back from the fact that Ferrari's are generally more expensive than Royces.