Aviation - Quiz

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Welcome to our quiz on aviation, made by Abyan, where you will have the chance to demonstrate your learning from our informative presentation.

  • 1
    What were the names of the Wright Brothers?
  • 2
    How long did the plane made by the Wright Brothers fly for?
  • 3
    Which country were the Wright Brothers from?

  • 4
    What is biomimicry?
  • 5
    Who made drawings inspired by the idea human flight?
  • 6
    Which plane has the best fuel efficiency?

  • 7
    What inspired the Wright Brothers to make the Wright Flyer?
  • 8
    Which company is the most common buyer of the Airbus A380?
  • 9
    For long-haul flights, airplanes carry additional fuel. What does this lead to?
  • 10
    What force allows planes to stay upwards during flight?

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