Christmas Traditions
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Christmas Traditions

How much do you know about holiday traditions from other countries? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:Which of these is NOT a gift giver?
3 wisemen
St Christopher
La Befana

Question 2:In Holland, St Nicholas arrives on...
a reindeer.
a sleigh.
a horse.

Question 3:The story of Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer was written...
as a stor promotion.
to show how Santa gets out during storms.
just for fun
to show there IS hope for an outcast.

Question 4:In Italy, children recieve their gifts on...
December 25.
January 6.
December 5.
January 1.

Question 5:In Canada and other Brtitish cultures, the day after Christmas is called...
December 26.
Sale day.
Boxing Day.
Burning day.

Question 6:Which is NOT true? The wisemen were...
advisors to kings.
rich men.

Question 7:In the Netherlands, children put out their shoes for St. Nicholas on...
January 6.
December 25.
January 1.
December 5.

Question 8:Which statement is true for Australian children?
On Christmas they go sledding.
On Christmas they wear snowsuits outside.
On Christmas they go swimming and water skiing.
On Christmas it's too cold to play outside.

Question 9:Using Christmas trees is a tradition that came from...

Question 10:In Mexico, there is a tradition where children immitate Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay. This is called...
La Navidad.

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