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Chapters 3 & 6

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Understanding your reader's content and character.

  • 1
    All arguments involve at least 2 people.
  • 2
    Being confident helps you in any arguments.
  • 3
    Intended readers and invoked readers are the same thing.

  • 4
    As a writer, you can almost always know and expect what your readers argument will be.
  • 5
    You are most likely to connect with a reader by demonstrating your knowledge and sharing your values and experiences.
  • 6
    Using words such as “you”, “we”, and “our”, if used correctly, helps pull readers in and connect with their life.

  • 7
    You can guarantee credibility by using respect towards your readers.
  • 8
    The character in the person you are trying to persuade with doesn’t matter.
  • 9
    Conveying authority and honesty through ethic appeal is an excellent way to win over your readers in an argument.
  • 10
    Being of some type of authority give you the advantage of winning over your readers, rather than being a stranger.

  • 11
    When talking about an argument authority means being “big, bad, and tough”.
  • 12
    Showing you have experience in the subject your argument is about will help you be successful with the argument.
  • 13
    Using strong words, such as “of course”, “certain”, and “perfectly”, will come off as arrogant and will not help you in a argument.
  • 14
    Being credible, honest, and modest will help in your favor during an argument.
  • 15
    Accuracy and showing you clearly put a lot of thought into a presentation will also help in an argument.

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1845 days ago
I got 5 right. I failed. Please reread chapters 3 and 6 to understand more about the content and character of readers and how to win them over in an argument and retake this quiz.