Oral communication

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Oral communication speak about your audibility to others including you tone of voice, how to adapt your voice and make changes to it, conversation subjects.

  • 1
    1. What is oral communication?
    a. attentiveness
    b. good issues
    c. good audibility
    d. animation
    e. all
    f. a & d
  • 2
    How to sound audible to others?
    a. adjusting your intonation
    b. voice animation
    c. adjusting your consonants
    d. slurring your consonants
    e. a., b. & c.
    f. d.
  • 3
    What is the meaning of intonation?
    a. the inflections
    b. the gliding and sliding and pose
    c. a.&b.
    d. paradigms

  • 4
    What is the weak points of nonadjustable voice?
    a. slurring his consonants.
    b. stopping at each word.
    d. sound like a baby, child or timid.
    e. all
    f. none of the above.
  • 5
    What is the specs. of a good speaker?
    a. alert
    b. fluent
    c. animated
    d. well poised
    e. all
    f. none of the above.
  • 6
    What is the modern way of testing your voice?
    a. existence of equipment at the lab.
    b. taking auditory classes.
    c. all
    d. none of the above.

  • 7
    What is the type of people with different understanding features?
    a. ear minded
    b. eye minded
    c. all
    d. none of the above
  • 8
    What are the type of people who engage in a conversation?
    a. people who talk about their appearance.
    b. people who talk about their dresses and shoes.
    c. people who talk about the weather and imp. issues.
    d. people who say stories
    e. people who talk about magazines they read and radio shows.
    f. all
    g. none of the above
  • 9
    People who talk about appearance are considered to be.
    a. trivial
    b. dump
    c. ignorant
    d. all of the above
  • 10
    To make a good conversation you must:
    a. read a worth while magazine journal.
    b. read a comic story or novel.
    c. listen to BBC.
    D. All
    f. none of the above

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