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  • 1
    A colour lcd must have three subpixel in which of the following colours to create each pixel colour?
  • 2
    In interlace video?
  • 3
    In the RS-170 video format it defines?

  • 4
    To minimize display flickering the video signal is?
  • 5
    Which is the wrong statement in a passive matrix LCD?
  • 6
    Which is not a basic component of the LCD?

  • 7
    16.7 million discreet colours can be reproduced with?
  • 8
    One of the facts that makes LCD possible is that?
  • 9
    To turn on a pixel in the passive matrix LCD?
  • 10
    What is used to coat screen in the cathode grade tube?

  • 11
    In the cathode ray tube of operation, the electrodes are emitted from the?
  • 12
    Which one of the following unit draws power from the aircraft generator and supply the various power requirements to the unit in HMDS system?
  • 13
    In the night environment, the HUD display navigation sensor video in a format while maintaining processing computation and symbology capabilities?
  • 14
    Which unit drives messages and symbols to the display on helmet visor?
  • 15
    The function of the transmitter?
  • 16
    Which symbology is independent of the hud primary symbology?

  • 17
    Which unit will generate signals which are proportional to the helmet location and position in the cockpit?
  • 18
    A linear potentiometer located in the SPS measures changes in?
  • 19
    Which one of the following unit drives the calculated pilot line of sight?
  • 20
    The LCU functions?

  • 21
    In the cathode ray tube operation the electrons emitted move towards the tube face due to?
  • 22
    The advantages of using the helmet mounted display sight are?
  • 23
    The red sensor unit consist of?
  • 24
    Which one of the following unit drives the PCU which generates a magnetic field inside the cockpit?

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