IT Principles Level 1 - Mock 1
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IT Principles Level 1 - Mock 1

This test should take no more than 30 minutes. The pass mark is 14 out of 20.

Question 1:   Which one of the following parts of a computer is necessary to enable it to play music?
Midi interface
Serial interface
Sound card

Question 2:   A speech synthesizer enables a computer to
Produce music electronically
Convert electronic signals into spoken word
Convert speech into electronic signals
Be controlled by a user talking into a microphone

Question 3:   Which one of the following is NOT an output device?
Visual display unit

Question 4:   The expression '' is an example of

Question 5:   Which one of the following is twice the size of A4 paper?

Question 6:   Non-volatile memory
Retains content when the computer is turned off
Can be corrupted easily
Enables file sharing
Prevents copies being made

Question 7:   The component of a PC that displays information is called a
Disk drive

Question 8:   Which one of the following computer peripherals is ONLY an input device?
Floppy disk
Laser printer
Pen plotter
Graphics tablet

Question 9:   The ability of the VDU to display fine detail depends on its
Use of colour
Contrast setting

Question 10:   For which one of the following would a spreadsheet be the BEST application for?
Writing a report that includes tables
Handling simple accounts
Producing a grid-referenced map
Keeping an inventory of equipment used

Question 11:   Applications software allows a user to
Move files
Boot up a computer
Control computer configuration
Perform useful tasks

Question 12:   A virus checker does NOT
Notify the user that a virus has been received
Recognise known viruses and isolate them
Stop viruses reaching the computer
Check files after creation

Question 13:   The BEST application software for a mailmerge is
Word processor
Text editor

Question 14:   Which one of the following types of software package would be used to store a list of records and perform sorts or searches on the records?
Desktop publishing
Presentation graphics
Word processor

Question 15:   Application software could be used to
Archive files
Program a computer
Create a bitmap graphic
Control interrupts from hardware

Question 16:   The purpose of a virus checker is to
Ensure that viruses are present
Find out if a virus is authentic
Search for invalid viruses
Detect the presence of a virus

Question 17:   Which one of the following would be suitable for producing a slide show to support a talk?
A movie editor
A DTP package
A CAD package
A presentation package

Question 18:   The main difference between a directory (or folder) and a file is that
Files contain only directories and never other data
Directories can contain files and directories
Files are special types of directories that include other directories
Directories contain only data and never other directories

Question 19:   Confidentiality of data can BEST be maintained by the use of
Secure passwords
Deletion of confidential data
Open access to data files
Insecure passwords

Question 20:   How many bytes do 4 Kilobytes represent?

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