Computer Tech

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  • 1
    Working at home or anywhere other than the office and connected by means of electronic devices is called
  • 2
    A software package that contains two or more software programs made by the same company is called
  • 3
    What does DOS stand for?

  • 4
    The place on a disk’s surface where data is written is called an
  • 5
    What does HTML stand for?
  • 6
    Which is the best resolution?

  • 7
    Using a standard sheet of typing paper, your margins would be____ top and ____ bottom if you wanted to have a five and a half inch vertical line
  • 8
    The standard for communication between computers and digital musical instruments is
  • 9
    A word processing program predetermines features automatically, unless overridden by a user, with
  • 10
    The feature that permits a document on the screen to look just like it will when printed is called

  • 11
    The standard American code for representing characters with bits is
  • 12
    The term “orphan” refers to a single
  • 13
    In font size, the unit of measure is referred to as
  • 14
    The kind of processing in which data is processed as it occurs is
  • 15
    In a relational database, another name for a record is an
  • 16
    In a database, only true or false conditions may be found in which type of field?

  • 17
    A preprogrammed formula in a spreadsheet is called a
  • 18
    In a spreadsheet, which of the following is NOT one of the three types of information that can be in a cell
  • 19
    On a graph, the vertical graph line that normally shows amounts such as dollar value is the
  • 20
    Each dot or symbol on a line graph is a

  • 21
    When a graphic moves with a paragraph in a document it is
  • 22
    Typefaces that include small marks on each character are referred to as
  • 23
    In a spreadsheet, a task that requires inserting a column and then copying formulas to the column can be handled with a
  • 24
    A type of database structure useful for a student schedule or a class roster is a ____ database
  • 25
    The four basic kinds of database structures are
  • 26
    The special effect known as______ is demonstrated by computer smoothly transforming a character into something totally different before you eyes

  • 27
    In the task/project management function in a PIM, a user should be able to view tasks by
  • 28
    Bandwidth relates to the
  • 29
    Vector graphics is a technique used in a
  • 30
    When using proofreader’s marks, a single underline indicated to

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