Computer Knowledge Exam Test

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  • 1
    What device is used to input text into the computer?
  • 2
    What type of program do you use to type a letter?
  • 3
    What device displays the computer icons?

  • 4
    What type of webpage is used to look up information?
  • 5
    What Microsoft program do you use to create a slideshow or presentation?
  • 6
    What server do you save your files to on the school computers?

  • 7
    In Word, what key do you press on the keyboard to indent a paragraph?
  • 8
    When typing, what does WPM stand for?
  • 9
    What Microsoft program is used to organize data and make Charts?
  • 10
    What button do you select to make sure changes you make to a document are not lost?

  • 11
    How do you close a window on the Mac desktop?
  • 12
    What program is used to access the internet?
  • 13
    What device let's you listen privately to computer sounds?
  • 14
    What program let's you draw pictures on the computer?
  • 15
    What does WWW stand for?
  • 16
    What key do you press to erase an object from the screen?

  • 17
    What program feature compares words with an electronic dictionary?
  • 18
    On the internet, how do you return to the page you were on before you clicked a link?
  • 19
    What typing program do we use in class?
  • 20
    What online program is used to submit your assignments?

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1047 days ago
I need help, ASAP! My computer is running out of memory and might have a virus. What do I do?! I use this computer every day to do my school and cannot afford to loose important info!
1311 days ago
What is this for elementary students? (got an 18/20)
1459 days ago
some of these questions are very individual to the person.. Not general questions. Still got 18/20 right.
1682 days ago
what are you doing right now
1939 days ago
Questions #6 and #19 are unfair. How are we supposed to know those for sure? #6 - Where to save files on a school computer should have an option regarding a user home directory (if the computer is on the school network). #19 - impossible to know. You should ask a question about MS Word or a similar text editing program instead.
1984 days ago
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2577 days ago
Question 20, about submitting assignments... the answer here is Dropbox, but that is a personal synchronization tool between your computer and the cloud. The answer should be email, or something like JupiterGrades, or maybe Google Docs, since all of them are web apps or online programs, but not dropbox.
2577 days ago
What online program is used to submit your assignments? The answer should be "GOOGLE DOCS" because it is a web app. Instead, you list "Dropbox" as the answer when in fact Dropbox is not a web app but rather a synchronizing software between your computer and a web server. Drobox a a personal cloud synchronization tool, not a utility to submit your documents (although a link to share your personal file can be issue). eMails is closer to the idea you were looking in your question though.
2904 days ago
The test is amazing and useful for competitive exam.