How well do you know your PC?
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How well do you know your PC?

This is a multi choice test to see how well you know what the applications right in front of you can do!

Question 1:In Word 2000, you can change the alignment of your text by...
selecting left, centre or right alignment in the File menu
hitting the space bar until you're in the position to start typing
Double clicking the left mouse key when the alignment icon appears in the document window

Question 2:A 'query'....
is something you type into the Office Assistant's text box
is the proper IT term for a question mark
gathers relevant information from an Access database

Question 3:An Excel formula always starts with
a cell reference (eg Q10)
an equals sign (=)
opening quotation marks

Question 4:Custom animation is a feature that allows you to add movement and sound to objects in....
the Word ClipArt Gallery
a Pulisher newsletter
a PowerPoint slideshow

Question 5:Keyboard Shortcuts....
is a voice activated application
teaches you to type without looking at the keys
perform tasks without using the mouse

Question 6:You can move, copy, create or delete files and folders in
the Control Panel
the Shut Down window
Windows Explorer

Question 7:Templates are used to
search the internet
change the appearance of the screen
standardise document formats

Question 8:Mail Merge allows you to....
personalise standard letters
calculate the cost of postage
email a group of people

Question 9:To have an automatic response generated when email is received you would....
leave your email turned off
add names to your address book
create a rule

Question 10:How much time do you think you might save if you get proper training?
Time doesn't matter

This Quiz has been designed by Jane Forrest.