How much do you know about your PC?

If you want to know what kind of PC nerd you are take this test. :)

Question 1:What does BIOS stand for?
Before Initiation of Operating System
Basic Input Output System
Best In Operating Systems

Question 2:What does RAM stand for?
Random Access Memory
Reliable Arbitrary Memory
Random Alignment Memory

Question 3:What does RAM refer to?
A PC's external memory
A PC's extreme memory
A PC's internal memory

Question 4:How many Kb are in a MB?

Question 5:What does the term FDD stand for?
Fast Direct Display
Floppy Disk Drive
First Desk Directory

Question 6:RPG = ?
Random pine generator
Role playing game
Routing protocol gateway

Question 7:CD-ROM stands for...
CompactDisk - Route opening management
CompactDisk - Random open media
CompactDisk - Read only memory

Question 8:Windows is an...
Optional System
Software management application
Operating System

Question 9:GeForce 2 is a...
Sound card
Video adapter

Question 10:DOS stands for...
Desk Operational Sytems
Direct Offset System
Disk Operating System

Question 11:A computer can’t operate without...
A processor
A mouse
A CD unit

Question 12:HDD stands for...
Hub Direct Display
Header Displacing Drive
Hard Disk Drive

Question 13:LCD stands for...
Light Crome Dispersing
Liquid Crystal Display
List Creation Disk

Question 14:The type of mouse that a laptop usually has is called a...

Question 15:Who is the owner of the Microsoft Corporation?
Michael Jordan
Michael Jackson
Bill Gates

Question 16:When was Bill Gates born?

Question 17:Who invented the Internet?
Bill Gates
The U.S. Army
Steve Jobs

Question 18:Which one of the following things is not needed for printing a file?
Cable TV :)
A printer

This Quiz has been designed by Mihi the master of Coke.