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  • 1
    A network in which the nodes are located within a small geographic area...
  • 2
    Network adapters...
  • 3
    Which of the following is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speeds?

  • 4
    The most common type of home network is...
  • 5
    A navigation device that transfers packets of data between two or more networks is called a...
  • 6
    A _____ is a set of proframs that searches the web for specific words you wish to look for and then returns a list of results

  • 7
    A metasearch engine is different than a regular search engine because it....
  • 8
    A ____ is a structured outline of web sites organized by topics and subtopics
  • 9
    Which of the following items is NOT component of search engines
  • 10
    The individual words you search for when using a search engine is referred as...

  • 11
    When determining the best internet connection option to use, the most important thing to know is....
  • 12
    ____ internet connection is high speed connections that include DSL cable and fiber optic
  • 13
    Which transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest?
  • 14
    To connect to the internet wirelessly you must...
  • 15
    ___ services use special strands of optically pure glass or plastic that are as thin as human hair to transmit data
  • 16
    Which of the following is not a suggested way to protect yourself while online shopping?

  • 17
    ______ is the ecommerce term for transactions that take place between businesses and other businesses
  • 18
    When an individual makes a purchase from another individual on an online auction site such as ebay it is a .....
  • 19
    A websites url can identify all of the following things except the
  • 20
    The first part of a url indicates the set of rules or ____ used to retrieve the specified document

  • 21
    Which of the following is not an approved top level domain?

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