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One of the most important qualities of a Mainframe operator is to be ANALYTICAL. It requires the ability to make first level problem resolution to minimize system impact. Some questions are tricky and need to be analyzed well. You have 15 minutes to complete this task.

  • 1
    One of the main duties of an operator includes maintaining data integrity by following established procedures and control.
  • 2
    Presently, every morning at 07:30, we recycle PI regions on both PRD1 and PRD3 even if GL batch is not yet completed.
  • 3
    To shutdown production system, we always bring down CICS region first before DB2.

  • 4
    On the HMC console during IPL we should select "NO" to lock disruptive task before clicking the "LOAD".
  • 5
    To shutdown TST1, we enter command:
    s sof, m=shuttst2
  • 6
    An IPL volume is a special disk to start the system.

  • 7
    DISPLAY COMMANDS do not affect the system and only provide status of parts of the system.
  • 8
    The word "ABEND" comes from two words that mean "abnormal end".
  • 9
    To prepare for PI batch we shutdown region PCICA102.
  • 10
    ON our 'Z/OS operating system', Z means Zero- downtime.

  • 11
    The command, "$DU, all" will give you information on all JES2 devices
  • 12
    DASD means Direct Access Software Device
  • 13
    On Standard Command Abbreviation, "Z" means halt
  • 14
    Problem escalation is not important to handle problem resolution
  • 15
    MVS means Multiple Virtual System
  • 16
    Volume Serial Number is a unique six digit Alpha-numeric assigned to a tape or disk drive by which it is identified.

  • 17
    SDSF means system display and search function:
  • 18
    In this command: "D IPLINFO". It will display current version of OS, IPL address and last IPL date
  • 19
    ON SDSF, the ST command is a very important tool to display status of jobs.
  • 20
    Task that can not be cancelled by normal cancel command can be forced

  • 21
    In the event of production job and task failure, Support should always be contacted.
  • 22
    In case of accidental but critical processing mistake, operator should hide it.
  • 23
    Two of the most important tools to monitor the system are: Jobtrac and SDSF
  • 24
    HSM means Hierarchical Storage Management
  • 25
    SYSLOG is a special system dataset used to record job-related information, operational data and occurrences in the system.
  • 26
    At the start of day of Payment Interface System, we only start the PI.

  • 27
    It is always advisable to double-check commands that will affect the system before entering it.
  • 28
    When a C: D or connect: direct job fails, we can always rerun it without calling the appropriate Support.
  • 29
    When a tape is stuck in the drive, we should call the SBM CE instead of removing it ourselves to prevent damage to the tape.
  • 30
    It is not OK to mount the tape immediately because job will not fail anyway.

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