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Here's a quiz to test your knowledge! Revising HTML. Have a go and most of all HAVE FUN!

Question 1:If you want to start a new line in a certain place within a paragraph, you need to use which tag?

Question 2:What are the range of heading tags available using HTML?
<h1> to <h3>
<h1> to <h6>
<h1> to <h8>
<h1> to <h7>
<h1> to <h9>

Question 3:Which line is incorrect? <body bgcolor="red"> <body bgcolor=green"> <body bgcolor="black"> <body bgcolor="blue">
<body bgcolor="red">
<body bgcolor="black">
<body bgcolor="blue">
<body bgcolor=green">

Question 4:What happens when we have the following program line written on our notepad file? <p align=right>a href="page4.html"><b>Next Page</b></a>
Takes you to page 3.
Takes you to page 5
It creates a hyperlink which if you click on you move from page 3 to 4.
It creates a hyperlink which if you click on you move from page 4 to 5.
None of the above

Question 5:What character is used to indicate an end tag?

Question 6:What is the last exercise you have to do in HTML for Beginners, by Russell Boyle?
Head Tags and title tags
Getting links in one frame to open up in another frame
Meta Tags
Creating a form
Using lists

Question 7:What beginning tag do I use if i want to center a particular word?

Question 8:What type of file do you have to use when you are saving a new page?
HTML File (*.*)
Web based.doc (*.*)
All Files (*.*)
Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html)
Text File (*.*)

Question 9:What does the "wav" indicate in this line: <br><embed src="splash.wav" autostart=false hidden=false>
Sound file
Video file
Picture file
Animation file

Question 10:What 2 tags must you include at the start of a new file?
html tags </html> & body tags </body>
None of the above
<html> & </body>
html tags <html> & body tags <body>

Question 11:What tag introduces a list item?

Question 12:In this line <body bgcolor="#ffffff"> what are the range of digits you can use and what are the range of letters you can use in the six places in a color code?
0-8 & a-s
2-9 & b-t
0-9 & a-f
0-9 & a-h
0-8 & a-f

Question 13:What does the letters "cols" stand for?
Shopping centre
I don't know?

Question 14:What tags (beginning and end) indicate table rows?
<td> </td>
<tr> </tr>
<tr> <t/d>
</tr> <tr>
<t> </t>

Question 15:How long did it take you to do this quiz?
less than 5 mins
more than 5 mins
10 mins
Too long, you should be a genius at HTML!
more than 10 mins

This Quiz has been designed by Mr Diek.