AutoCAD Review

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  • 1
    When you type a keyboard entry of 0,-1 you have moved the cursor one unit:
  • 2
    When you type a keyboard entry of 1,0 you have moved the cursor one unit:
  • 3
    In a CAD system, when you specify X & Y points, you are drawing in:

  • 4
    The CAD command used to make a "Chain" or series of adjacent linear dimensions is the:
  • 5
    A keyboard entry of @5.625<45, refers to:
  • 6
    Which coordinate system specifies a point location from a fixed origin of 0,0,0?

  • 7
    The term FONT refers to:
  • 8
    In a CAD drawing which command should be used to write your name?
  • 9
    When drawing an isometric pictorial, which CAD command is used to draw a circle?
  • 10
    Which CAD command creates multiple copies of objects in a pattern?

  • 11
    Which CAD command will allow you do draw a Hexagon?
  • 12
    What CAD command fills an area with a non-associative pattern?
  • 13
    When using CAD to draw a 45 degree line that is 3 units long, you should input:
  • 14
    Unless you change the default settings, CAD will draw 0dregree lines:
  • 15
    What command allows you to draw " freehand" within the CAD system?
  • 16
    In CAD to refresh the screen, use:

  • 17
    A uniform pattern of dots on the CAD screen is called a/an:
  • 18
    In CAD drawing accuracy is made easier by using:
  • 19
    To SNAP to the middle of a line, use the:
  • 20
    In CAD the object snap NODE feature will jump to:

  • 21
    Which CAD feature adjusts the amount that the crosshairs, jump when you move the mouse?
  • 22
    The CAD command PAN allows you to:
  • 23
    What ZOOM command remembers the last 5 zoomed views?
  • 24
    In CAD to restore what you have just undone use:
  • 25
    CAD commands such as line, circle, & arc & other basic CAD figures are examples of:

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