Chapter 19 & 20 Quiz

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Answer true or false to the statements below.

  • 1
    It is okay to plagiarize.
  • 2
    It is possible for music to be plagiarized.
  • 3
    Authors can use brief passages from published works without permission from the copyright holder for educational use.

  • 4
    You do not have to credit your sources while writing a paper.
  • 5
    Paraphrasing is copy and pasting from your source.
  • 6
    A summary is a significantly shortened passage.

  • 7
    An equivocation is an argument that gives a lie an honest appearance.
  • 8
    If you use a quote, the punctuation, capitalization, and spelling has to be the same as the original.
  • 9
    If you use an electronic source you do not have to include the date you accessed it in your works cited.
  • 10
    In order to use copyrighted information, you have to ask permission.

  • 11
    When asking for permission to use copyrighted info, an email is appropriate.
  • 12
    You cannot add your own words to a quote with a bracket.
  • 13
    Ideas themselves cannot be copyrighted, only the expression of those ideas.
  • 14
    Writers usually do not acknowledge all participants in collaborative projects.
  • 15
    Careful evaluation of all sources is important.

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