International Marketing Chapter 5

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  • 1
    Any company doing business outside the home country should first carefully study the ________ in the target country.
  • 2
    Categories of political risk listed by EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit) includes all of the following except:
  • 3
    What do value added taxes (VAT) encourage in countries such as China?

  • 4
    Located in The Hague, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the judicial arm of the:
  • 5
    What type of international disputes would be taken before the International Court of Justice?
  • 6
    What happens if a nation has allowed a case against it to be brought before the ICJ (International Court of Justice?

  • 7
    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is fully adopted by all U.S. states except:
  • 8
    Which of the following is not a common-law country?
  • 9
    In West Africa, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast and Senegal are former French colonies, while Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana are former British colonies. Based on this information, which of the following would be correct?
  • 10
    Islamic law is a comprehensive code based in part on:

  • 11
    Any Western country doing business in Malaysia or the Middle East should have understanding of:
  • 12
    In a recent case, Revlon sued United Overseas Limited (UOL) in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for breach of contract. UOL countered by asking the court to dismiss the claim since they are not operating in that area. Revlon cited the presence of a UOL sign above the entrance to the offices of a New York company in which UOL had a 50-percent ownership. The court dismissed UOL's claim. This is an issue related with:
  • 13
    Engineers at a company in a developing country study an American computer chip design, copy it, and produce identical chips that are then sold to local computer makers. What form of intellectual property has been wrongly appropriated?
  • 14
    Counterfeiting is:
  • 15
    In many parts of the world, sales of unauthorized videos of Hollywood movies cost the movie studios billions of dollars. When illegal copies of movies are made, what form of intellectual property has been wrongly appropriated?
  • 16
    Which of the following would constitute a copyright violation?

  • 17
    In 2005, representatives from several wine regions in the United States and the EU signed a Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin. In addition, a Wine Accord signed by the United States and EU bans the:
  • 18
    Harley-Davidson has applied for federal protection of an unusual form of intellectual property; the "soul-pleasing rumble" produced by it's motorcycles. What type of protection is Harley-Davidson seeking?
  • 19
    Only Sony can use the "Walkman" name on it's line of personal stereos. This is because:
  • 20
    In order to fight piracy in China, Budweiser Beer's approach includes:

  • 21
    Which of the following statements is correct?
  • 22
    Which of the following is true about protection of computer software?
  • 23
    The company receiving the most U.S. patents for the year 2009 is:
  • 24
    Which of the following is true about revised U.S. patent laws?
  • 25
    Consten, a French company, had exclusive rights to import and distribute German Grundig's electronic products into France. One of the competitors started bringing "parallel imports" into France illegally, importing Grundig product bought from a foreign supplier. Which of the following does not represent an action taken by different legal bodies?
  • 26
    OPEC can be considered as a “cartel” which is a group of separate companies that collectively:

  • 27
    Which of the following best describes the legal basis for protection of trade secrets, patents, and copyrights in the United States?
  • 28
    The U.S. Justice Department objected to a recent patent license agreement between S.C. Johnson & Sons and Bayer AG. The antitrust unit at the Justice department objected to:
  • 29
    According to the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index scores for 2010, the country which was listed as most corrupt was:
  • 30
    The following criminal penalties may be imposed for violations of the FCPA'S (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) antibribery provisions except:

  • 31
    When companies operate abroad in the absence of home-country legal constraints, the best choice for ethical conduct would be:
  • 32
    The United States has more lawyers than any other country in the world and is arguably the most litigious nation on earth. This is a reflection of:

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