Marketing Quiz 1
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Marketing Quiz 1

See what you know about marketing

Question 1:What is marketing?
Setting up a market stall
Buying as many products as you can
Selling as many products as possible
Identifying and satisfying consumer needs and wants.

Question 2:What is a market broken down into?

Question 3:Which is the most likely segment for Nintendo games
Male 36-70
Male 16 -35
Female 16-35
Female 36-70

Question 4:What is disposable income?
Waste money
The money left for spending after essential bills have been paid
Use once and throw away
Income you don't need

Question 5:Socio-economic groups break the population down by:
occupation and income
occupation and gender
occupation and taste
income and education

Question 6:Why do business break the market down?
So they can target their potential customers
So it cheaper
So it is less work
So they don't have to avertise so much

Question 7:Which of the following is a market segment?
Shoe size

Question 8:Which magazine would you use to advertise a new weatherproof coat?
Mountain Biker
TV Times
Smash Hits

Question 9:What would be the likely profile of someone buying hair spray
Female 36-70
Male 36-70

Question 10:What is a niche market?
A nice market
A market specializing in niches
A market based in the town of Niche
A specialist market

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