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  • 1
    What might have happened to the LCBO if it's top executives had not supported the investment needed in IT?
  • 2
    Evaluate the effects on the LCBO if it's inventory control and warehouse management systems fail.
  • 3
    Is it unethical for the LCBO to share it's customer information from with other government agencies or departments?

  • 4
    Is Mr. Kelly fulfilling his role as a senior vice president of information (CIO) correctly?
  • 5
    As a future business leader, studying business technology management (BTM) is important to you because…
  • 6
    When you make it to the senior executive level in your career, you need to keep the following in mind when you are planning strategy

  • 7
    Porter suggests that business technology can improve efficiencies in your value chain (in the):
  • 8
    Which of the following represents the order of priority for the three primary organizational key resources?
  • 9
    You manage a Wal-Mart in Florida and the weather office is reporting that a hurricane is headed your way. You use ___ to place items that are commonly sold before hurricanes, like flashlights, batteries and bottled water, on the store shelves.
  • 10
    You have to explain what a competitive advantage is as it relates to business technology. Which of the following ways would you describe it?

  • 11
    You are an RBC customer. You regularly use a variety of the bank’s services from online banking to travel insurance.
    From RBC’s POV in a competitive situation with other banks, which forces of porter’s five forces model is this extensive use of IS/IT addressing?
  • 12
    What does the term Digital Darwinism imply?
  • 13
    The transistor based consumer electronics that Sony introduced in the 1960s would be considered a/an
  • 14
    In developing nation, the digital divide means that people in these countries...
  • 15
    Amazon is a/an _______.
  • 16
    A company like Rogers or Bell when they are providing individuals and other companies access to the internet along with additional related services are fulfilling the role of a

  • 17
    With it's supply chain management system, Wal-Mart uses a/an ______ to communicate stock levels and orders with it's suppliers.
  • 18
    As an advertiser, you are interested in the count of the number of people who visit one site and click on an advertisement to take them to the site of the advertiser or the _________
  • 19
    It is your mom’s birthday next week and you are sitting in class with your smartphone and purchasing her birthday present using ________
  • 20
    McDonnell-Douglas is a large defense contractor in the United States and it uses the internet to pursue what model of e-commerce?

  • 21
    Identify the WRONG innovative example to fuel productivity.
  • 22
    What advantages and disadvantages are there for Shell Canada to recycle it's equipment?
  • 23
    How could Shell use social networking to boost productivity and increase profits?

    Choose most appropriate answer
  • 24
    ERP systems at Shell help the company integrate and manage it's daily operations that span from production and processing to logistics and accounting.
  • 25
    The ERP system was a low cost, low risk implementation. The changes to business process were readily adopted by employees because they understood the improvements to productivity and profitability that the ERP would create.
  • 26
    The ERP system has helped the company process by reducing and streamlining the previously highly manual process of third-party contractors submitting repair information.

  • 27
    Software that provides connectivity between two or more software applications is referred to as:
  • 28
    What component of your company’s ERP would you look for product profitability information?
  • 29
    A company has a well-fitting ERP when ______.
  • 30
    You have been hired to run the business analysis unit in a successful company. What percent of the overall budget would you expect based on the statistics?

  • 31
    Efficient and effective supply chain management will allow a company to do all but one of the following. Which is it?
  • 32
    As a supply chain manager, you need to be aware that the following key to supply chain management success is to ______________.
  • 33
    Today, SCM systems focus on extending beyond your company’s four walls to influence all but which of the following?
  • 34
    Operation management today, managers use information systems to help them make decisions that influence ______
  • 35
    As a manager, when you are making decisions about the types of processes your company is going to use and what is needed for manufacturing plants, you are participating in _________.
  • 36
    __________ includes all systems that do not directly deal with the customer, support behind the scenes operations and strategic analysis.
  • 37
    Porter suggests that business technology can improve efficiencies in your value chain (in the):
  • 38
    A customer of Netflix orders online programming through the Netflix website and the programming is then streamed to the customer through Netflix’s use of technology,

    Netflix is a threat to the local video store because of _______________.
  • 39
    Which of the following is the computer simulation software that allows a surgeon from a remote location to perform a surgery operation by using the equipment that can be controlled remotely
  • 40
    Business intelligence is a _____ capability of an ERP that organizes information, and applies ___ to assist managers with decisions.
  • 41
    Which of the following is at the core of an ERP system?
  • 42
    Your company is looking for an application that delivers the following business benefits: forecasting, planning, purchases management, materials management, warehouse management and inventory management.

    What type of application is your company looking for?
  • 43
    In operation management today, managers use information systems to help them make decisions that influence ____________.
  • 44
    Which of the following lists represents the different information levels in an organization?
  • 45
    Which of the following is not a characteristic of quality information?
  • 46
    In a relational database, the data stored about a person, place, thing, transaction, or event is called a/an ____________.
  • 47
    What purpose do primary keys and foreign keys serve in a relational database?
  • 48
    With a supply chain management system, Wal-Mart uses ___ to communicate stock levels and orders with it's suppliers
  • 49
    What is the difference between contact management and opportunity management?
  • 50
    Going forward, which type of firm will want to continue to use customer relationship management (CRM) as a major strategic focus?
  • 51
    Of the information systems used at Grocery Gateway how would you classify the website?
  • 52
    Of the information systems used at Grocery Gateway how would you classify the logistics management system?
  • 53
    Which of the following would you use to create a sustained competitive advantage for your company?
  • 54
    The ones I'm unsure have either been covered briefly without a clicker (so I didn't catch the answer, just the question) or been skipped over but I managed to catch a glimpse of it.

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