International Business Final Prep

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  • 1
    Performance of trade and investment activities by firms across national borders
  • 2
    Ongoing economic integration and growing interdependency of countries worldwide
  • 3
    Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need

  • 4
    Products bought by final consumer for personal consumption such convenience products, shopping products, or specialty products. Also known as consumer products
  • 5
    Products bought by individuals and organizations for further processing or for use in conducting a business. These can be materials and parts, capital items, or supplies and services. AKA industrial products
  • 6
    Communications/transactions conducted between a business and members of its distribution channel such as distributors, agents, re-sellers, or retailers

  • 7
    Basic product: what the buyer is ACTUALLY buying
  • 8
    Qualities of the product or adjectives to describe product
  • 9
    Additional consumer services/benefits that set the product apart from competition
  • 10
    In home country, with no international activity

  • 11
    In home country, managing import and export activities with other places
  • 12
    Has licensing and/or franchising in multiple countries, each different location has own business strategy based on market differences
  • 13
    Organization that is worldwide in most or all areas
  • 14
    Which phase in the product life cycle?
    No awareness about product, heavy advertising expenses in order to change that, no to little profit, high failure rate
  • 15
    Which phase in the product life cycle?
    Sales climb, more customers, start to earn a profit, more awareness of product brings more competition
  • 16
    Which phase in the product life cycle?
    First sales increase, then decline because of slowing sales growth attributed to competition (price cutting). Can remain here for decades

  • 17
    Which phase in the product life cycle?
    Falling sales and profits, some competitors have left market since it has become saturated. Products sell themselves so no need to advertise
  • 18
    In the International product trade cycle, high income countries are first ______, then become _____
  • 19
    In the International product trade cycle, low income countries are first _____, then become ____
  • 20
    Which are considered short-term activities (i.e. less market commitment and less market knowledge)?

  • 21
    Which are considered long term activities (i.e. high market commitment and market knowledge)?
  • 22
    Factors that management has no direct control over but they still have an influence
  • 23
    The products/the brand, production facilities, financial resources, distribution network, degree of preparation for exporting, technical competency, human resources, and quality of management are all examples of:
  • 24
    Culture, social behavior, politics, legal system, norms, competition, natural resources, and technology are all examples of:
  • 25
    Licensing and franchising, importing and exporting, and foreign direct investment are all different types of:
  • 26
    Finding an intermediary within the home country to make export arrangements is known as:

  • 27
    Finding intermediaries in a foreign market to make export arrangements is known as:
  • 28
    Apparent consumption
  • 29
    Import penetration rate
  • 30
    Imports Coverage Ratio

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