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  • 1
    Government stability, import restrictions, competition regulation, and trade unions are part of which part of PESTEL?
  • 2
    Growth rates, market size, pricing policy, unemployment, and inflation are part of what part of PESTEL?
  • 3
    Health consciousness, attitudes, religion, buying habits, and lifestyles are part of which part of the PESTEL?

  • 4
    Infrastructure level, R&D, level of technology, and communication are part of which part of PESTEL?
  • 5
    Weather, environmental law, pollution, recycling, and climate are part of which part of PESTEL?
  • 6
    Developing the same product for multiple countries is known as:

  • 7
    Limiting distribution to only one intermediary in the territory is known as:
  • 8
    Distributing from as many outlets as possible to provide location convenience is known as:
  • 9
    Appointing several but not all retailers is known as:
  • 10
    Adding a markup to prices in order to cover overhead costs and increase profits is known as:

  • 11
    Pricing used to determine minimum sales at what price are needed in order to cover all covers
  • 12
    Setting an intentionally high price is known as:
  • 13
    Using a low price as a marketing weapon is known as:
  • 14
    Dropping prices for a set period of time is known as:
  • 15
    Marketing an item to wholesalers and retailers in a company's distribution channels (not to end users) is known as:
  • 16
    Generating customer demand through advertising, then buyers will request that suppliers carry the product is known as:

  • 17
    Using home country's base department, commissioned agents, reps of the company (who travels from home country or lives in foreign country), a foreign based sales subsidiary, or direct selling over the interest is known as:
  • 18
    Using foreign based importers or distributors is known as:
  • 19
    Using franchising, licensing, or a joint venture is known as:
  • 20
    Grant giving inventor of a product the exclusive right to manufacture, use/sell product. Good for 20 years.

  • 21
    Legal right to design/names by which merchants differentiate products. Can last indefinitely if renewed.
  • 22
    Exclusive legal rights of authors, composers, artists, etc. to publish works. Good for 50-70 years
  • 23
    ______ concerns the physical distribution of your products/supply chain management.
  • 24
    Closure rate or sales conversion rate
  • 25
    Return on Investment

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