Organizational behavior chapter 8

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  • 1
    Teams have which of the following features?
  • 2
    Some ________ are just people assembled together without any necessary ________?
  • 3
    Which of these statements is TRUE?

  • 4
    Which of these statements about teams is FALSE?
  • 5
    Which of the following statements about teams and groups is FALSE?
  • 6
    Employees working in a department would be considered a team only when:?

  • 7
    Employees working in an organization would be considered a team only when:?
  • 8
    Which of the following is usually an informal group?
  • 9
    A task force refers to?
  • 10
    Royal Dutch/Shell Group formed a team to improve revenues for its service stations along major highways in Malaysia. This team, which included a service station dealer, a union truck driver, and four or five marketing executives, disbanded after it had reviewed the Malaysian service stations and submitted a business plan. The Malaysian group is called?

  • 11
    ________ explains why people belong to informal groups?
  • 12
    According to social identity theory?
  • 13
    The motivation to be part of an informal group is influenced mainly by the drive to:?
  • 14
    The drive to bond and the dynamics of social identity theory both explain why people?
  • 15
    Compared to individuals working alone, teams have the potential to:?
  • 16
    In team dynamics, process losses are best described as:?

  • 17
    Brooks's Law says that adding more people to a late software project only makes it later. This law is mainly referring to:
  • 18
    According to Brooks's Law, adding more people to a late software project tends to?
  • 19
    Social loafing is more likely to occur?
  • 20
    Keeping the team size sufficiently small and designing tasks such that each team member's performance is measurable are two ways to:

  • 21
    Social loafing can be minimized by doing which of the following?
  • 22
    Which of the following does NOT minimize social loafing?
  • 23
    The phenomenon where people exert less effort when working in groups than when working alone is called:
  • 24
    A team that achieves its organizational goals, satisfies member needs, and survives in its environment:
  • 25
    A team is effective when:?
  • 26
    Which of the following organizational and team environment conditions potentially affects team effectiveness?

  • 27
    The effectiveness of teams is affected by:?
  • 28
    Organizational leadership, organizational structure, and reward systems are:?
  • 29
    The physical layout of the team's workspace encourages:?
  • 30
    Teams work better when the organizational structure:?

  • 31
    Which of the following statements about teams and task characteristics is FALSE?
  • 32
    Production employees working on an assembly line usually have which of the following types of task interdependence?
  • 33
    Two company divisions produce completely different products but must seek funding from head office for capital expansion. The relationship between these two divisions would be best described as:?
  • 34
    Pooled interdependence is?
  • 35
    Of what importance is task interdependence to teams or team dynamics?
  • 36
    Employees should almost always be organized into teams when they have:?
  • 37
    In terms of team size, the general rule is that teams
  • 38
    Compared with small teams, large teams usually?
  • 39
    When forming a team, it is critical that each team member has?
  • 40
    Teams are most effective when their members?
  • 41
    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of effective team members that is categorized in your text?
  • 42
    An effective team member ________ and manages the team's work so it is performed efficiently and harmoniously.
  • 43
    "Fault lines" are more likely to occur when teams?
  • 44
    Teams with strong fault lines?
  • 45
    A diverse team is better than a homogeneous team?
  • 46
    Research shows that teams with more well-developed ________ systems outperform teams with less well-developed systems.
  • 47
    Which of these statements about team roles is FALSE??
  • 48
    A characteristic of team roles is that:?
  • 49
    How do norms affect the behaviour of team members?
  • 50
    Which of these statements about team norms is FALSE??
  • 51
    Several customer service teams in your organization have dysfunctional norms in which they don't proactively ask clients whether they would like to try certain new services. If you were given the opportunity to form a new customer service team, which of the following would remove or avoid forming this dysfunctional norm?
  • 52
    If a dysfunctional norm is very deeply ingrained, the best strategy is probably to:?
  • 53
    The degree of attraction people feel toward the team and their motivation to remain members is called:
  • 54
    Team cohesiveness tends to be higher?
  • 55
    Which of the following has a curvilinear relationship with team cohesiveness, that is, the strongest cohesiveness is neither at very high or very low levels of this factor?
  • 56
    Team cohesiveness can be strengthened in each of the following ways EXCEPT:?
  • 57
    Team success, team size, and member similarity are three?
  • 58
    As team leader, you discover that a competitor is about to develop a similar product that your group is currently developing. What is most likely to happen if you tell your team members about this external threat?
  • 59
    Which of the following does NOT occur as team cohesiveness increases?
  • 60
    What is the relationship between team cohesiveness and team productivity?
  • 61
    The collective belief among team members of the team's capability to successfully complete a task refers to:
  • 62
    Which of the following statements about teams characterized by low team efficacy is NOT correct?
  • 63
    Calculus, knowledge, and identification are
  • 64
    Calculus-based trust:
  • 65
    The three main foundations of trust are
  • 66
    Which foundation of trust is determined mainly by the other party's predictability?
  • 67
    Employees tend to join a virtual or conventional team with
  • 68
    Jane has been working in a quality control team for the past year and has developed a feeling that her values are different from the values of her coworkers. Moreover, some team members seem to be unpredictable because they say one thing but do not actually follow through with their promises. Still, Jane has remained with the company and stayed on this team because she enjoys quality control work and doesn't see any other employment available in this field. What foundation of trust does Jane most likely have in this team?
  • 69
    Liam works with four other accounting professionals as a team within one company. Liam doesn't particularly agree with many of his teammates' ideas, such as leaving work early and failing to double-check some account entries. However, he works comfortably with the group because their behaviour and decisions are predictable. What foundation of trust does Liam have in this team?
  • 70
    Which foundation of trust exists when an employee has negative expectations about the employer's intentions and believes the employer will adversely affect the employee's well-being?
  • 71
    Which foundation of trust usually CANNOT sustain a team's relationship
  • 72
    Teamwork behaviour refers to activities devoted to enhancing the quality of all of the following EXCEPT:
  • 73
    Efforts to establish patterns of interaction with equipment, or developing team solutions to problems are examples of:
  • 74
    The team actions that establish or enhance linkages and manage interactions with parties in the external environment refer to:
  • 75
    Which of the following is NOT identified as type of team boundary spanning?
  • 76
    During which stage of team development does a consensus form around the team's objectives?
  • 77
    The first three stages of team development in sequential order are:
  • 78
    Which of the following is NOT a stage of team development
  • 79
    Conforming, performing, and reforming are all:
  • 80
    Which of the following is an important phase in the punctuated equilibrium model
  • 81
    When members shift from viewing the team as something "out there" to something that is part of themselves, they are developing ________.
  • 82
    The team development model does NOT recognize that:
  • 83
    The primary objective of team building is to:
  • 84
    Most team building interventions try to:
  • 85
    Which common team building activity aims to improve relations among team members?
  • 86
    One problem with team building is that
  • 87
    Team building is often ineffective because
  • 88
    Team building should be viewed as:
  • 89
    The textbook warns that team building is usually ineffective when
  • 90
    Self-directed work teams:
  • 91
    Which of these statements about self-directed work teams (SDTs) is TRUE?
  • 92
    Self-directed work teams:
  • 93
    Which of the following allows employees to collectively plan, organize, and control work activities with little or no direct involvement of a higher-status supervisor?
  • 94
    Virtual teams are best described as:
  • 95
    Dependence on information technology and lack of co-location represent two factors that distinguish
  • 96
    Two features that distinguish virtual teams from conventional teams are
  • 97
    Globalization and knowledge management have made ________ necessary for organizations to remain competitive.
  • 98
    The increasing number of virtual teams is partly due to:
  • 99
    Virtual teams are increasingly necessary because
  • 100
    Virtual teams are becoming increasingly common because of:

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