Climate Change Knowledge

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Please select either True or False to answer the following questions and evaluate how much you know about Climate Change (and how many misconceptions you may have)

  • 1
    Heat or thermal rays are emitted from the Sun.
  • 2
    UV radiation is reflecting off of the Earth's surface.
  • 3
    The amount of incoming UV or total solar radiation is increased by the ozone layer depletion.

  • 4
    UV rays are "hot".
  • 5
    There is no distinction between UV and infrared radiation.
  • 6
    There is no distinction between heat and surface temperature.

  • 7
    All air pollutants are greenhouse gasses.
  • 8
    There is no distinction between UV and infrared radiation.
  • 9
    Ground-level ozone and natural emissions are greenhouse gases.
  • 10
    CO2 is not a greenhouse gas.

  • 11
    Water vapor is not a greenhouse gas.
  • 12
    Greenhouse gases form a thin layer around the Earth and trap heat inside.
  • 13
    The greenhouse effect occurs where solar rays are trapped by the ozone layer.
  • 14
    Heat is trapped under a layer of dust created by pollution.
  • 15
    Atmospheric gases make a barrier bouncing back heat from the Earth.
  • 16
    The greenhouse effect is a process by which thermal radiation from the planetary surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is re-radiated in all directions without resulting in an elevation of average surface temperature.

  • 17
    Climate change and the greenhouse effect are one in the same.
  • 18
    Warmer temperatures are a definite indication of climate change.
  • 19
    Any environmentally harmful action will promote more climate change.
  • 20
    Littering leads to climate change.

  • 21
    Climate change is caused by acid rain.
  • 22
    Climate change is caused by nuclear waste.
  • 23
    Climate change is caused by heat from car exhaust.
  • 24
    Climate change is caused by air pollution or pollutants in general.
  • 25
    Ozone holes let more solar energy to get into the Earth, increasing global warming.
  • 26
    Ozone holes let cooler air escape out of the Earth, increasing the global average temperature.

  • 27
    The ozone layer depletion is causing global warming.
  • 28
    Climate change is caused by an increase in solar energy coming into the Earth.
  • 29
    Climate change is caused by the Earth getting closer to the sun.
  • 30
    Climate change is caused by more solar rays hitting more areas of the Earth.

  • 31
    I will not see any changes in my lifetime due to climate change.
  • 32
    Climate change claims are exaggerated.
  • 33
    The Earth's overall temperature has increased by upwards of 10 degrees since the year 2000.
  • 34
    Climate change causes skin cancer.
  • 35
    The expected climate change is only limited to warming in general.
  • 36
    Greenhouse gases cause the ozone layer to deplete.
  • 37
    The greenhouse effect causes air pollutants to go up to higher altitudes and attack the ozone layer.
  • 38
    Protection of rare species will slow climate change.
  • 39
    Reduction of global nuclear arsenal will prevent further climate change.
  • 40
    The use of unleaded gas will stop global climate change.
  • 41
    Because of alternative energy, people are no longer dependent on fossil fuel.
  • 42
    People would not be willing to change their lifestyles to prevent climate change.

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1150 days ago
Please let me have a view of the correct answers to the climate change quiz
1613 days ago
It looks like I subscribe to some climate change misconceptions. I am welcome to ask them questions I may have and they will try to clarify the topic for me. I may also benefit from doing some independent research on reputable websites.