2003 Year-in-Review Quiz

Did you pay attention to what happened this year or did you get too caught up watching American Idol? Take this quiz to see what you remember about 2003!

Question 1:   What space shuttle blew up over Nagodoches, Texas in February?
I don't know, but Clay Aiken is hot.

Question 2:   Who is Jessica Lynch?
A new appointee to the Supreme Court
The winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize
I think she was on Americal Idol . . .
The POW rescued in Iraq in a questionably dramatic recovery.

Question 3:   Who became the first American to win five consecutive Tour de Frances?
Lance Armstrong
Kobe Bryant
Jan Ulrich
Um, I'm not sure, but Ruben won American Idol.

Question 4:   What is Scott Peterson allegedly guilty of?
Illegal drug possession
Kidnapping Elizabeth Smart
Killing his wife and unborn son
Wasn't he the guy kicked off of American Idol?

Question 5:   What team won the World Series in baseball?
New York Yankess
Chicago Cubs
Florida Marlins
Any competition that is not American Idol does not matter.

Question 6:   Which former First Lady wrote a best-selling memoir this year?
Lady Bird Johnson
Betty Ford
Hillary Clinton
Simon Cowell signed a book deal!

Question 7:   This former Ugandian tyrant died earlier in 2003 in exile.
Mummar Quadaffi
Nelson Mandela
Idi Amin
I thought they said Simon Cowell would be coming back for the next season of Idol!

Question 8:   The highest-grossing movie of the year was -
The Matrix Revolutions
From Justin to Kelly
The Return of the King

Question 9:   Define: metrosexual.
A heterosexual male with a feminine side
a transsexual
a guy who has sex in the city (no pun intended)
Any loser who hates American Idol!

Question 10:   Her single "Crazy in Love" was one of the biggest hits of 2003.
Beyonce Knowles
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Kelly Clarkson

This Quiz has been designed by Andrea Pietrzyk.