The ignorance test
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The ignorance test

Do you think you know everything, but you’re really clueless?

Question 1:   Tell me about what “Gothic” is.
A style that was created by Satanists.
A style that came from punk.
A time period that spanned from about 1200 to 1350. Nothing "Satanic" about it, actually was quite Christian.

Question 2:   And what about the Wiccan religion?
A very open minded religion that recognizes a God and Goddess as well as other deities. Often very misunderstood.
A branch of Satanism.
Eh, Wiccans tend to be nice people, but are a little kooky.

Question 3:   Cigarette smoke.
Kills everything, eventually.
Very bad for humans, can be fatal, however it has been found that animals do not develop problems from it.
It's not all that bad, just hype.

Question 4:   Do some countries eat dog, and if so, tell me about it.
No country eats dog, haven't for a long time!
Yes.People who do are horrible people with no morals
Yes. It's just a type of food in those countries, and it seems so brutal to us because it is a cultural gap.

Question 5:   Your thoughts on JTHM, please.
Insightful, amusing, and true. Much more to it than blood.
It's totally awesome. Really funny and Johnny RAWKS.
Shouldn't be out there. Too many people can get the wrong idea.
I do not know what JTHM is, so don't count this on my score.

Question 6:   Homosexuality.
Someone's choice, though I'll never talk to a homosexual.
Natural and should not be frowned upon. We're all people.

Question 7:   Training an animal is best done by:
A firm hand is needed, however one should NEVER punish an animal for something it cannot help, and excessive force is not to be used.
A quick blow to the back of the head.
Aww, don't train an animal because that's not how they're meant to be. Just give them treats.

Question 8:   Marijuana.
Is all natural, and cannot hurt you.
Something that is okay to smoke every now and again, but if you do it too much makes you a "burn out."
Has more severe side effects than one would like to admit.

Question 9:   Koala bears.
Are just fuzzy little bears...
Aren't bears at all.
Are something to be gotten rid of, they serve no purpose.

Question 10:   Deforestation.
A non-existent problem. Trees and such can be replanted.
Something that's bad, but not the biggest problem in the world. Other things to worry about.
A severe problem, which needs to be gotten under control.

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