Random Fact Quiz

Are you the type of person that makes spontaneous, random comments in the middle of a conversation, or raises your hand in class to share an irrelevant fact? This quiz is designed to test your random knowledge!

  • 1
    What is the most popular popsicle flavor?
  • 2
    What is the most common element in the universe?
  • 3
    When you pop a pimple, the whitish stuff that comes out is....

  • 4
    Which of the following is NOT the name of a children's TV show?
  • 5
    How do you say "I like cheese" in Spanish?
  • 6
    About how large is Russia?

  • 7
    Swedish fish are most closely related to which of the following?
  • 8
    What color tends to absorb heat?
  • 9
    What is the most common name in the world?
  • 10
    How do flowers make babies?

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460 days ago
Lol i only got 4/10. Was hard but fun. Pls make another!
514 days ago
I got 7/10
566 days ago
I got 4 out of 10 i love this but i need to go more higher please can we have more
1392 days ago
The white material that comes out of the pimple includes bacteria but the actual white/yellowish colored material is the white blood cells that engulfed the bacteria (microscopic and unable to see). This is what the lay term "puss" refers to. Should remove "puss" in answer to choice to make it unambiguous.