ISS Term 2 Review Quiz

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  • 1
    Position on Earth’s surface
  • 2
    A group of people within a society who share certain beliefs, values and customs, different than the larger group
  • 3
    The 0 degree longitude line that runs through England

  • 4
    The growth of cities
  • 5
    When humans learned to farm and domesticate animals
  • 6
    Lines that measure the distance north or south of the equator

  • 7
    Illinois is found in the humid continental zone, which refers to
  • 8
    All the things that make up a people’s entire way of life
  • 9
    Areas defined in terms of their human and physical characteristics- a theme of geography
  • 10
    The International Dateline is one of these lines

  • 11
    Weather is the pattern of temperatures and precipitation over a long period of time.
  • 12
    A seismograph measures the size of the waves caused by
  • 13
    A giant ocean wave that is sometimes caused by an earthquake is called:
  • 14
    moving pieces under the earth’s surface that form the earth’s crust are called
  • 15
    When water rises from plant pores
  • 16
    When water vapor becomes droplets of water

  • 17
    The water elements on the earth:
  • 18
    Day and night is determined by the earth’s:
  • 19
    Grassland that has shorter grasses in moderate climates: An example is Illinois.
  • 20
    The type of forest that has moderate climates and trees such as oak, birch, and elm.

  • 21
    Have mostly level surfaces located at higher elevations:
  • 22
    When mountains are formed by one plate colliding into another plate:
  • 23
    Groundwater is located in:
  • 24
    Imports are...
  • 25
    A ship’s position is given as 0 degrees latitude and 27 degrees west longitude. We can conclude from this information that the ship is located
  • 26
    A globe is more accurate than a map because:

  • 27
    The world is becoming more interdependent. This means...
  • 28
    When you judge another culture by the standards of your own, you are exhibiting...
  • 29
    The first people lived more than __________ years ago in ____________.
  • 30
    The highest natural increase rates (NIRs) are found in countries in _____ of the demographic transition.

  • 31
    At what value does the fertility rate (TFR) equal zero population growth (ZPG)?
  • 32
    What country has the oldest population?
  • 33
    Famine occurs because the world is producing less food than before.
  • 34
    No country is in Stage 1 of the demographic transition.
  • 35
    What led to the second stage of the demographic transition?
  • 36
    What drops sharply as you enter stage three of the demographic transition?
  • 37
    What is the biggest reason for overpopulation?
  • 38
    Why did parents abandon their baby girls in China?
  • 39
    Which country is currently the largest emitter of carbon dioxide?
  • 40
    The Chinese government is again clamping down on its one-child policy and handing out stricter punishment to those who don’t follow the policy.
  • 41
    To curb population growth in India and Kenya, the focus for women has shifted to
  • 42
    What is happening to the Japanese population
  • 43
    According to the Nova video, Indian women have been burned for
  • 44
    Cities with large populations serve as centers for
  • 45
    The city as we know it dates back a few hundred years- a response to the
  • 46
    The process of transforming a working class area to a renovated white collar neighborhood
  • 47
    Which religion experienced its golden age from 750-1200?
  • 48
    Sri Lanka has the longest history of this religion.
  • 49
    Which of these is not something most religions share?
  • 50
    After World War II, Israel became a center of conflict because
  • 51
    Who was Abraham’s son that is the ancestor of Muslims?
  • 52
    Being released from the endless cycle of reincarnation, one can find himself in a final state of liberation called:
  • 53
    Martin Luther started a change that resulted in the splitting up of this religion into many different denominations.
  • 54
    This religion does not have a specific founder.
  • 55
    The river that Hindus purify themselves in
  • 56
    The practices that enable a Buddhist to reach nirvana
  • 57
    The caste system is more strongly enforced now than in the past.
  • 58
    Freeing the soul from the body so that it can unite with Brahman- the end of reincarnation
  • 59
    Which of these gods is not in the Hindu “big three?”
  • 60
    This is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world.

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