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Are You Smarter Than A Middle Scholar?

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This test is for those needing to prepare for high school. It covers things you should know by this point in your life such as Geography, History, Math, Art, Communication and Writing.

  • 1
    Green Bay is the capital of Wisconsin?
  • 2
    Toronto is the capital of Canada
  • 3
    More people speak English than any other language in the world?

  • 4
    By population, Russia is the largest country
  • 5
    By area, Russia is the largest country?
  • 6
    The Navajo Indians lived in America before white people did?

  • 7
    The first English settlers moved to America to flee religious persecution?
  • 8
    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence?
  • 9
    The last battle of the American Revolution was fought at Bunker Hill?
  • 10
    The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1783?

  • 11
    If Math is required for a high school diploma and a high school diploma is required for college, then History is required for college also?
  • 12
    If x is equal to 7, then 4 + 3 = x?
  • 13
    Probability is the ability to predict outcomes using Mathematical data as reasoning?
  • 14
    The mean of a group of numbers is the same thing as the average of those same numbers?
  • 15
    The sum of the angles in a square totals 180 degrees?
  • 16
    When you draw, you get a three-dimensional result?

  • 17
    When you mix blue and yellow, you get green?
  • 18
    When you mix red and green, you get brown?
  • 19
    When you make something out of clay, marble, ice, etc, this is called painting?
  • 20
    When you sculpt, you get a three-dimensional result?

  • 21
    "I Have A Dream" and the Gettysburg Address are examples of conversations that two people had that no one ever cared about except those directly involved?
  • 22
    You only need one person to have a conversation?
  • 23
    Newspapers and magazines are only used in business settings?
  • 24
    It is not possible to communicate on-line?
  • 25
    Communication is the key to life?
  • 26
    The English alphabet has 26 letters?

  • 27
    Sentences need both a noun and a verb?
  • 28
    There are three tenses, past, present and future?
  • 29
    You always need three or more letters to make up a word?
  • 30
    Paragraphs are made of sentences?

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168 days ago
this was mine ,You'll most likely go to college.
You have correctly answered 20 of 30 questions.
On average, 4736 of users who took the quiz gave 21.13 right answers.
182 days ago
i got 23/30 and i don't go to school or live in America
302 days ago
I got 22 out of 30 and I'm in fifth grade awsome!!😍but most of these test are inaccurate
324 days ago
I'm in 5th grade and it said I'm going to Harvard or something but I don't believe it I think I'm stupid no matter what I got on this test.
470 days ago
I took this test twice first 2 times i got 22/30 3rd try 23/30 in fifth grade so eh its an ok test result lol
883 days ago
I'm going to Harvard?? Isn't that my decision? I don't even live in America, and I'm only year 8!
1028 days ago
I got 24/30. 3rd grade. Super wow.
1056 days ago
23/30 and I am a fourth grade! Wow! (My teacher said that i'm going to Yale or something like that!
1108 days ago
I'm Asian, I'm in college and I got 24. Hmmm... Okay.
1113 days ago
Ok, first off, why are there elementary students taking this?! 🍦.
1141 days ago
Tell me why the 😻 there are ELEMENTARY school kids taking this? Bro I didn't even have a computer until like 7th grade. I'm a junior now, and for all the kids who think they're going to Harvard... no. You just learned this stuff more recently because you're literal children lmaoo.
1250 days ago
I'm in 4th grade and it says its sure I'm going to Harvard
1331 days ago
I🍦at this stuff
1331 days ago
O, Im a 5th grader, so how do u expect me 2 know all of these
1365 days ago
I am in year five/fifth grade in the UK and I got 28/30!
1365 days ago
Fellow Earthling, it is a college/university in the US.
1374 days ago
What's Havard???????
1375 days ago
I'm a 5th grader and I am going to harvard 28\30!
1419 days ago
I am in seventh grade, and I am also HOMESCHOOLED. A lot of these questions were a bit easy, but good overall. It said I'm going to Harvard. ;P
1478 days ago
I am in 6th grade and I got 22/30 right it said I will most likely go to collage