Are You As Smart As A 4th Grader?

Find out here and now if you're as smart as the average 4th grader. These are real questions from a 4th grade test. Try them out now! Have fun! P.S.: I am an American, so this test has a few history and government questions that other nationalities might not know the answers to. Please don't feel offended.

  • 1
    Which animal produces milk for its young?
    Which animal produces milk for its young?
  • 2
    To find out whether seeds grow better in light or dark, you could place some on pieces of damp paper and:
  • 3
    Birds are different from insects in that birds have:

  • 4
    The first Spanish explorers who reached the Americas were looking for:
  • 5
    "We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." This passage comes from:
  • 6
    If you were putting these inventions on a time line, which would come last?

  • 7
    Susan B. Anthony was a leader who helped:
  • 8
    Which land forms were most likely created by the eruption of volcanoes?
  • 9
    Tom is able to wear lightweight clothing all year. He probably lives near the:
  • 10
    What are the three branches of the federal government of the United States?

  • 11
    Which of the following is the most important reason why the United States trades with other countries?
  • 12
    What are both citizens and non-citizens legally entitled to in the United States?
  • 13
    The world's largest ocean is the:
  • 14
    In Toshi's class, there are twice as many girls as boys. There are eight boys in the class. What is the total number of boys and girls in the class?
  • 15
    Seeds develop from which part of a plant?
  • 16
    Which of the following can make objects repel each other?

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3 days ago
I got a sixteen out of sixteen!
19 days ago
Im In 4weth grade and i don,t know the ans
158 days ago
i just pressed a bunch of buttons for no reason LOL
174 days ago
You got zero to six answers correct out of 16 total. Be sure to pay better attention to the things you read and hear so you'll know basic info like this. Note: Some questions were about US history and government, so if you are not from the US and missed those, that's understandable.

You have correctly answered 5 of 16 questions.

On average, 45006 users who took the quiz gave 9.2 right answers.-

ok, these questions are so dumb and first like they aren't even from 4th-grade questions :/
197 days ago
I got 12 out of 14 not fair american questions DUDE. I wonder why he so dumb some american questions!!!!!!!
326 days ago
Oh and .w. i think you are right.tell the peeps to make SOMETHING for everyone.
326 days ago
11/14 I am a Fourth Grader. If I'm in 4th grade but 11/14 then I must be a nerds candy.That or omnipotent being.Pls help.I have no idea whats happening.
327 days ago
I am in 3rd grade. Got 11/16 Wow.
328 days ago
bruh i got 12 out of 16 and im considered the smartest 6th grade girl in my class! Guess i need to pay more attention in social studies...
358 days ago
OMG me too. I'm a fourth grader! DUH!
362 days ago
Omg why did i do this i forgot im in fouth grade duh!
495 days ago
ugh im in 1st grade and got them all right
495 days ago
These are not 4th grade lol (im not from us but still)
I got 8/16 and im considered the smartest 5th grader
657 days ago
It's like a great ocean from milk in earth
719 days ago
15/16 right. HOW IS THIS FOURTH GRADE???? Most of these questions are 5th or 6th grade, especially the ones about the United States.
721 days ago
Im not american ima canadian bullies!!!!!!
13/16 btw
802 days ago
Okay, I took this quiz thinking it would be math questions or something. Then it started to question me on American stuff. I’m British and I have absolutely no knowledge of any of this. I was disappointed by the fact that the majority was just general knowledge. I don’t think this is a test to know how smart you are but if you know general things. Being smart means you know quick thinking and are able to work things out. The thing is, you could be very smart but not have ever been taught about any of this. And when the intelligent people get a low score their self esteem will drop and they will go about thinking they’re dumb. I know in the title it says 4th grader but I translated it as Year 4 or 5. I thought it would be the same. And for anyone who’s reading this, if you think it was easy, that’s fine; I just thought it would be better. Also, I’m actually in Year 6, 11 years of age and I have won numerous competitions for writing and got greater depth on all my subjects and I got a low score on this test. That’s all. Thanks for reading this.
890 days ago
I liked my score was not to bad and was not to good but still it was a fine score. :):):):):):)
920 days ago
I think that i going to get 1 out of 16
944 days ago
I am only in third grade and it told me:Not too bad , but you really need to do better and I am sure you can. Pay better attent to the things you put things you read and hear.THere s no good excuse for not knowing basic info like this. you have correctly answered 8 out of 16 questions. This guy is mean. He really hurt my feelings.