7th Grade Math, Geography, and English 🧠

Do you know these three core subjects: Math, Geography, and English?
Whether you're a seasoned scholar or simply looking to refresh your skills, this quiz offers an engaging opportunity to assess your understanding of concepts typically taught at the 7th grade level. Get ready to tackle a variety of questions that will challenge your mathematical reasoning, geographical awareness, and linguistic prowess. So, are you up for the challenge?
Let's dive in!

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    How were maps drawn thousands of years ago?

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77 days ago
Got 110, but it was a very mixed bag between "How am I supposed to know this??" and "Yeah a 5 y/o would know this".
117 days ago
120 IQ Nice! But some of these question were a bit easy
160 days ago
111! Thats above average! And I'm ten! Lets goooooooo!
165 days ago
110 woo hoo and the questions are tought in school but probably yall just don't pay attencion (or because i'm from europe)
189 days ago
Well, most of these comments are stupid. However, I do agree with the fact that most of these questions are not taught in school.
198 days ago
no one knows these questions bruh.
217 days ago
this is good iq 100
399 days ago
bad it is for 9 grade
414 days ago
i think tish is good i got 129 iq