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15 scientific "facts"

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Are these amazing facts true or false?

All courtesy of listverse.com

  • 1
    There are 162,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body – laid end to end they would circle the earth more than 5 times
  • 2
    Brain cells can’t regrow – if you kill a brain cell, it is never replaced
  • 3
    A cubic centimetre of a neutron star can weigh 100 million tons

  • 4
    The combined length of the roots of a Finnish pine tree is over 30 miles
  • 5
    The oceans contain enough salt to cover all the continents more than 150 meters deep
  • 6
    The interstellar gas cloud Sagittarius B contains a billion, billion, billion liters of alcohol

  • 7
    Polar Bears can run at 40 km/h and jump over 2 meters in the air
  • 8
    A 10 Rp coin dropped from a very high building falls fast enough to kill someone if it hits them
  • 9
    The average person accidentally eats 430 bugs each year of their life
  • 10
    One side of the moon is always in the dark.

  • 11
    A single rye plant can spread up to 400 miles of roots underground
  • 12
    A large oak or beech tree can lose 50-150 liters of water in a day by evaporation
  • 13
    Butterflies taste with their back feet, and their taste sensation works on touch – this allows them to determine whether a leaf is edible
  • 14
    Lightning has never been known to strike the same place twice
  • 15
    When you have a bowl of nuts, the bigger ones make their way to the top, due to a scientific principle: the "Brazil Nut Effect".

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